Best Waterproof Vlogging Camera

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Nov 17

Best Waterproof Vlogging Camera | Top 3 Picks

If you need the best waterproof vlogging camera, you’re going to come across a certain debate that doesn’t apply too much when it comes to other vlogging categories. Do you opt for the ‘sport’ camera style, or do you want to stick with the traditional camera style used by vloggers? The answer is going to depend heavily on you, your needs and wants, but we do look at both styles below to help you decide.

Traditionally, you are going to want to opt for an ‘action’ camera style if you want to take your vlog along on the ride with you- you’ll be giving viewers a birds-eye sense of everything you’re doing, be it heading out on a dive or conquering white-water rapids.

If you’re looking for a more static type of filming style, the traditional camera body will be more appropriate for your needs. Now you know how to pick the right style for you, let’s look at our top 3 waterproof vlogging camera picks.

1) Campark ACT73R
Campark ACT73R

Although Campark aren’t exactly one of the ‘big name’ camera producers, this particular waterproof sports camera of theirs has turned into a remarkable find for many vloggers. As you’ll see from the test clips, it even stands up to rigorous environments like extreme sports, and the price tag is undeniably attractive.

It even allows for 4k recording, although this particular camera excels in HD. As is fairly standard with action cameras of this sort, it ships with a host of mounts to allow for outdoor activities- helmet, bike and, perhaps the most relevant for our needs, an arm mount. While it’s designed for runners, it works as well with shallow diving and other water sports.

It also features and integrated ‘share on social media’ function, although you will probably want to edit your videos more before uploading. It’s waterproof up to 3 m, so while we wouldn’t advise it for a diving vlog it’s perfect for a host of ‘wet’ sports like surfing, biking and skiing, and provides a great first-person angle to your vlogging.

2) Olympus TG 870
Olympus TG 870

Olympus are a giant in the vlogging camera industry, so it’s hardly surprising one of their entries made our list of best waterproof vlogging cameras. In fact, this camera is so good it made it to our list of best Olympus vlogging cameras too! Wherever you turn in the vlogging community you are likely to hear about this particular model. It undeniably comes with some attractive features, including being shockproof to 7 fee alongside fully waterproof to 50 feet.

It’s also crush and freeze resistant, making it a neat choice for outdoor vlogging altogether. It has a built in 21mm Ultra-wide angle lens with a fairly reliable 5x optical zoom. It also has built in Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities, which may well be a critical life saver if you’re outdoors.

As a vlogger in a saturate market, you may also appreciate the host of creative filters and shooting modes it comes with, and of course it’s always good for a camera to allow for upgrades via accessories, which Olympus do offer for this model. It also has a fish-eye lens option for some amazing underwater shots. Check out more in the test footage to see if this is the best waterproof vlogging camera for your needs.

3) Fujifilm FinePix XP80
Fujifilm FinePix XP80

This pick for our list of best waterproof vlogging camera is also freeze and dust proof, while offering waterproof capabilities to 50ft and shock proofing at 5.8 feet. What makes this entry particularly attractive is that it’s a great option for low light levels.

It also offers a convenient and comfortable to use continuous shooting mode at 10 f.p.s. It’s full HD compliant, and allows for remote shooting via a connection to a smartphone or tablet, which gives it many intriguing options for use by a vlogger. If you’re considering outside shots like wildlife, this may well be the best pick for you because of it.

It allows for easy one-button Wi-Fi transfer between devices, but this does mean that there is no particular password protection on the system if privacy is important to you. There is a rather nifty double lock on the battery department to ensure no action-related oopsies occur.

Whichever one of these camera you opt for, and no matter the budget you have to spend, you’re sure to find the best waterproof vlogging camera for your needs from among these three excellent, durable and feature rich cameras.

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