19 Vlog Tips for Beginners: From Beginner to Pro

Vlog can be considered as a new thing since it just boomed recently. So, as a beginner, we surely could stumble along the way. What we need to do to make sure we're not making the same mistake as our predecessor? Or even better, what you need to do to make your vlog like a pro?

My 19 Vlog Tips for You

1. Know Your Purpose

Knowing your vlogging purpose is essential. You can't become a great vlogger if you don't know your goal in it. I'm not saying that 100% you'll fail if you didn't have a goal, but it won't have any meaning to your success.

Find out your goal related to helping people first. It doesn't have to be a holy mission, just spread happiness already a great goal.

2. Choose Your Vlog Niche

If you know your purpose, almost immediately that you'll know your vlog niche. However, make it more specific. Just as any marketing strategies, the more specific your topic is, the more likely it attracts the right audience.

3. Check Out The Trend of Your Vlog Niche

Let say you want to have Halloween vlog niche, check out the trend for Halloween first. And because my example is obvious, we already knew that Halloween trend is seasonal. Therefore, it's better if you're not making Halloween as your main niche.

In the Halloween case, you can choose another niche. For instance, men's cloth, then when Halloween comes, you can add a special event for it.

Check Google Trend

Or maybe you want to do fishing niche, check it out first if fishing is still in trend. If not, you're wasting your time by gambling on the topic that you won't know it will succeed or not.

To check it, just go to http://google.com/trends, and type your niche idea there.

4. Decide on Your Vlog Platform

When people talk about the vlog platform, it's almost sure that we will choose youtube. And, I agree with that. Youtube is the best vlog platform, but it doesn't mean to forget another platform. There's Vimeo, Dailymotion, and the most happening right now is Instagram.

Youtube is almost everyone's first choice for vlog platform. Even though I agree that Youtube is the best vlog platform, it is not the only platform. You should also consider other platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and the most growing platform right now, Instagram.

Instagram is the number one social media platform for now, and it's feature really supporting vlog trend. What's more, you can even do a live vlog on both Youtube and Instagram at the same time!

In addition to Instagram, you should also make your own website for your vlog. There are a couple of pros and cons of having your own site as your only vlog platform. However, if we use Youtube, Instagram, and also running your own website, what's your loss? Nothing, instead, you will secure your career in the long run.

Not sure about making your own website?

Do you remember Friendster? Or MySpace? Both of them are big enough as a social media platform. That time, there's no one would think that they both will have to give up to Facebook.

Same as Friendster and MySpace, both Youtube and Instagram can be considered as a giant video and social media platform, but it didn't guarantee that they won't collapse. And of course, we're hoping that they would have a long life since they helping vloggers to live.

What's next?

5. Choose Your Vlog Equipment

You must know what camera you need to have good quality enough for your vlog niche. For example, if you're doing surfing vlog type, you should have a waterproof camera. For sport, you may need a telephoto lens. Check what's the best video resolution you can get with the camera.

Also, don't forget about an external mic. Not all cameras have an excellent built-in mic, especially smartphone. A high-end smartphone like Samsung S9 and iPhone X is useful if you're doing travel vlogging. It's light, produce high-quality video result, and also acceptable sound quality.

Talk about recording sound quality, it never hurts to have a wind muff with you. What's the purpose of wind muff? It will bear the wind so we can have better audio quality.

If you're doing an indoor vlog, you may need a good lighting source. There's so much equipment that you need to cover before you start vlogging. You might want to take note and prepare all the things you need to make your vlog so you won't need to retake the video over and over.

6. Remember, Content is The King

No matter what the niche is, content quality is the most important thing. You should make sure it has high quality. Always do a quality check before you publish a video.

What you can put as video content? Testimonials, how-to, reviews, and actually anything. You can even use your self-made story as your video content as long it is interesting.

What's so hard about doing a story vlog kind?

You need to have a storytelling skill to do a story vlog. If you don't have it, it's quite an effort to make the story appealing to hear.

What if I don't have storytelling skill, but still want to do it?

It's okay too, but you still need to learn more about how to tell a story. And cover it with your video editing skills. Make the story interesting with special effects and sound effects.

7. Video Title and Thumbnail

How can people like your videos if they don't even watch it? That's why video title and thumbnail are significant. Make a catchy title and interesting thumbnail.

Note: Don't make a clickbait title. People will just mad and dislike your video.

8. Improve Storytelling Skill

Actually, no matter what your content, it's always good to have storytelling skills. It will raise your vlog quality to another level. This is also the one that separate beginner and pro vlogger.

What you must consider when talking for your vlog?

Tone of your voice

You must know who you're talking too, who's your audience, and how they talk. You'll get their attention if you are speaking as in their world.

Make a script

Making a script will make sure your vlog running smoothly from the start to the end. Don't afraid that you will appear a little stiff.

Practice it over and over before recording

Who's practice so much before a competition? We all are. Do it the same for a vlog, practice until you appear quite smooth. This also benefits you for the next video you'll make since you will feel more natural to talk for your vlog.

9. Be Yourself

So much source will say to you that you need a persona. Yet, it will make you tired in the future. It's better to be yourself from the start, and you will get the audience who like you as who you are.

10. Consistency

Do you ever watch Harry Potter? It comes out on cinema once per year. We can wait for it because we know we just need to wait for about 1 year. BUT, what if Harry Potter didn't comes out even after 7 years? Will you still wait for it? I bet you're not. Same as for your vlog, if you're not doing it consistently, your audience will slowly leave you.

Even one or two minutes of video are worthed for your fans. Do not let them waiting too much.

11. Look to The Camera Lens

This tip looks silly, and at the same time, there are so many people making a vlog not looking to the camera lens. Instead, they're staring into the screen.

12. Never Give Up!

People often abandon their vlog after 1 - 3 months working and didn't see improvement in likes, subscribers. If you're planning only for 1 - 3 months, please do quit before you start.

Vlog is just like another work or business, it doesn't grow up instantly. It needs process and effort from your end.

The secret of our success is that we never, never give up.

Wilma Mankiller 
Community Developer

13. Engage with People

Do a public vlog, interview people is one way to make your vlog more exciting because viewers can see how other people think, react.

14. Promote

At first, people hardly know you. That's why you should promote yourself to various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You don't need to use paid promotion to let people know you.

Then, how can you promote yourself?

Study about social media platforms, learn how hashtags works and know the best time to post your content.

15. Don't Expect Success Overnight

I know this is a dream come true for all of us. But really... Don't expect this at all! Be more realistic and do love progress. It is what will make you become a great person because you already knew the hardship, and will appreciate success more.

Anyway, if you're fortunate and success only with 1 video, know that you must give your best for the next video. Maintaining success is much harder than becoming successful.

16. Deaf to Haters!

If you want to see from a positive perspective, it's okay. It makes you better and better. If you can't, then just don't look at to the haters.

Haters will always be there for you no matter how good you are. So, don't be stressed out by them.

17. Use Assets to Amp Your Vlog

You must work smarter, and not work harder. And how to do more of smart work?

The answer is using free or premium assets instead of make it by yourself. If you don't know, there are so many people already made assets for you to use either it's free or not. Do not underestimate an asset just because it is free. There's so much great quality assets are free to use.

What kind of assets that you can use? Actually... Almost anything! From images, video templates, motion effects, sound effects, loops, background music, and many more. Learn how to use them in your vlog, it will save so much time.

A problem with free assets is that's not an easy task to find it all. For that reason, I already make a post for you: 19 Million Free Assets. Check it out!

18. Do Not Compare with Others

Don't you know that you're unique? That's why don't compare yourself with other vloggers.
It's always great to learn from other vloggers, but you don't have to be them. Take what's good from them, why they are interesting, but still be yourself when applying their techniques.

19. Utilize Your Video Editor Software to The Max

I know you want to be a vlogger, not a video editor. Yet, if you're a single fighter vlogger without an editor, you must learn how to compose your video. Video editor software has many great features. However, it's useless if you don't know how to use it. The better you use video editor software advance function, the better your video quality in effects and also speed up your video editing process.

That's it! Remember that vlog career is a long journey, and you may be lost in the process. That's why you must remember these things above. Have a nice vlogging day!


I'm an internet marketer that always learning something new and hoping to get the best result in everything I'm doing.

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