4K Video Recording Smartphones

4K Video Recording Smartphones

Smartphones make our day to day life easier and interesting as well. Why smartphones has reached this level of extreme? It is because you no need to buy every device like Television, camera or computer instead you can just buy a 4k video recording smartphones which has already featured with the above all functions. Camera is an important feature that one will look for in a smartphone while buying it.

Most of the Vlogging has been done with the smartphones as they are very cost effective and simple to handle. So, vloggers prefer to buy 4k video recording smartphones that are extremely good at taking videos. What makes a video good? Camera is the very important feature that every vlogger should look for in a smartphone.

4k video recording technology is a feature that every vlogger must know before buying one. After having found the need of choosing a best phone for vlogging, we are here with this blog to explore the top 4k video recording smartphones available in the market. Let’s check below for the list.

4K Video Recording Smartphones | Top 4 Picks

Samsung Galaxy S9+

4k video recording smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S9+ has released with the Super Speed Dual camera supports F1.5 and F2.4 modes. The camera performs supremely best at all the lighting conditions. It automatically switches the camera option based on the lighting condition. It takes stunning photos in the dark with the help of F1.5 mode.  This Samsung Galaxy S8 has been used HDR as default and this is what makes every peerless shot. Since the smartphone is featured with electronic stabilization, you are no need to worry about the irregular shots such as shakes, dim/low light, etc.

It has the screen size of 5.8″ in the full rectangle which provides the high resolution visuals. It has the capacity to capture upto  up to 960 fps during the slow motion video recording. 

As a vlogger you should not only look for the video quality, but also you need to check for the sound quality as well. With the 4K recording feature, Samsung Galaxy S9+ is also comes with the better audio quality hybrid stabilization system. Let us check out the following video that explains how to record a video using Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone.

Special Feature
  • Default HDR
  • Electronic stabilization
  • 690 fbs capturing capacity
  • f1.5 mode lens to capture pics on dark
  • Big Screen
  • Sleek
  • Difficult while updating software
  • Poor App Performance
  • Overheating

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Although Apple series are come with expensive rates, 7 plus has become one of the optional smartphones when it comes to choosing the best smartphone video camera. The 12Mp iSight camera delivers sharp and detailed photos. With the capacity of taking 4K video, Apple iPhone 7 plus is 4 times better than HD 1080p videos.

Along with the best visuals, 7 plus is functioned with immersive speakers. So, choosing Apple iPhone 7 plus for vlogging worth the money you spend on it.

Want to know how greatly this Apple iPhone 7 Plus record 4k videos? Watch the following video that showcase the full coverage with this smartphone.

Special Feature
  • This phone comes with an immersive speaker with water resistance feature
  • Better sound quality
  • IPS technology used
  • Expensive
  • Poor functioning


4k video recording smartphone

If you are searching for a smartphone for vlogging, you should primarily consider how greatly the camera is functioning even with the low light. While on the hunting for smartphones, we have found HTC U11 as the best one that beats all others with its stunning performance with low light.

It is featured with 12Mp rear camera and 16Mp front camera, so it is perfect for taking normal photos and videos. This smartphone has the dual-pixel function which allows you quickly focus and view every screen size. It is set as 1080p by default; however you can easily set as 4k option.

Although there is a 4k option, it doesn’t perform as much good as default 1080p. The best thing you will get from HTC U11 is that it has Image stabilization function, which allows you take shake-free pictures.

Check out the following video to know how this HTC U11 performs while recording video and capturing 3D audio.

Special Feature
  • Image stabilization function
  • Performs well even with the low light
  • Best for taking normal photos
  • Stunning design
  • 1080p is better than 4k option
  • Needs screen cover for protection

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

4k video recording smartphones bestvlogcam

There is no doubt, everyone will choose Sony when it comes to photography. This Sony Xperia XZ Premium comes with 13Mp front and 19Mp rear camera. Very few brands in the market will give you the effect as similar as professional cameras. Regardless of its limited access as a smartphone, Sony is completely differs from others and provides quality pictures.

With the great results, it is very easy to use and offers good experience. This is the reason that makes every photographer to invest their money on Sony. When it comes to vlogging, 4k visuals is the primary thing every vlogger looks for in a smartphone. Sony has the 4k mode option, in which you can change the mode as per your business requirements. Sony also has the feature of recording slo-mo video at only 980 frames per second.

If you thought to take a test with this smartphone, you must watch the following video before buying it.

Special Feature
  • Since the depth of focus is quite good in this smartphone, you can make use of this phone for Nature photography.
  • Fast hybrid auto focus system
  • Cost Effective
  • Slo-mo video at 980 frames per seconds
  • Poor Bluetooth functioning
  • Internet connection problem

Final Words

Finding a smartphone will never allow you involve in a daunting process unless you get the way of choosing it correctly. It is not only for vloggers, choosing a best smartphone video camera is the way of investing on the right place that is meant for every commoner. Hope you would have checked the above list. So, what is your pick? Share the pick you have selected and the performance of the same in the comment section below.


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