Best 3 Cheap Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen under $100

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If you get into this page, you should be wondering if there's a good vlogging camera that has a flip screen feature, and also cheap under $100.

If that your question, the answer is: YES!

But first, you should know what's the most important thing when you want to buy a cheap vlogging camera.

What to Look when Buying a Vlogging Camera, Especially The Cheap One

1. Low Light Performance

This point has many factors, and the most important factors are the Lens Aperture, ISO Noise, Sensor Size.

2. Flip Screen Feature

I add a flip screen in what to look because we're currently searching for the cheap camera that has a flip screen. It's not necessary if you don't need it.

3. Optical Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is one of the most critical features needed when we're making a vlog. Image stabilization also helps you record while moving around. If possible, we don't want to have any shacky result in the video.

4. Built-in Microphone

Without this, you just have the video without a sound. Of course, you can always buy external mic if your camera support external output, but it's still better if it's built-in and already has a decent audio result. Right? At least, we're talking about a budget here.

That's all that we need to look for... And why we don't look at Megapixel, Zoom, or even The Flash for indoor?

Honestly, megapixel is excellent for a photo. But, it's not essential for vlogging as long as it's good enough and has 4 points above.

For zoom point, we don't need much zooming in, because that will make the video pixelated. And almost all cameras give enough zoom in feature.

And lastly, for flash... Really, you can't count on built-in flash camera. You should always buy your own flash for it.

That's it. Now you know what to look for, and what's the most important in getting a great cheap vlogging camera. But, do not forget that we find a cheap one here, so there's no perfect camera for the price. At least, we find the best we can for the budget.

Now, let's take a look at what we found here.

Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen​ Below $100

1. COMI TECH Vlogging Camera 24MP Ultra HD Wi-Fi Youtube Camera

Comi Tech is an entry-level camera that allows you to record in many various video resolution such as 2.7K, 1080FHD 30fps, 720p 30 fps, VGA. ISO feature: 100, 200, and 400. This camera has Wi-Fi to remote record video. Comi Tech Vlogging Camera is made especially for youtube, has 180 degrees 3.0 inches flip screen.

What's more? It also gives you the built-in mic, and it's not bad in quality. If you can use free sound engineer DAW software like Reaper, you can EQ the sound so it will give you more clarity on the sound.

One more thing you need to know about this camera is: So user-friendly!

2. SUNLEA Vlogging Camera for Youtube 2.7K

SUNLEA camera has a lightweight, slim, and stylish design. Also has built-in face detection and face beauty.

Almost all the feature like Comi Tech camera. It has a 3.0 LCD flip screen, allows you to record up to 2.7K and also made for a youtube video.

If you like to do a photo, this camera comes with 24MP and self-stabilizer so you can get a beautiful photoshoot. And again, also like Comi Tech camera, it has a built-in mic, and it's good enough for vlogging.

3. SOSUN Video Camera Camcorder HD 1080P

Did you know that camcorder purpose is for video recording? If you're on the tight budget, this camcorder will be your best choice! Low price with the excellent video quality.

It can record up to 1080p at 15fps. What? Only 15fps?
Yes, and it also supports 30fps for 720p video. Not enough? See the video result by yourself in this page: SOSUN Camcorder. There are so many videos recorded using this camcorder, and it's fantastic. It has a built-in mic quality too.

SOSUN Camcorder using CMOS optical technology, which is high noise immunity, so it's excellent for our vlogging purpose. Another feature that may be interesting for you are this camcorder has a small size and lightweight, which makes this camcorder easy to carry around.

What about the zoom feature?
Yes, it also has a digital zoom feature up to 16x, but no optical zoom.

Whoops, we forget something here. Remember, we find a camera that has a flip screen. Luckily, camcorder always has a flip screen, and it can rotate up to 270 degrees.

I really love this camcorder, especially that SOSUN Camcorder also using dual LED white lights in front of the camera. It acts as a supplement light and helps with the low light situation. Usually, supplement light works well with beauty vlog type.

There's some minor disadvantage for this camcorder though, which is this camcorder didn't have optical zoom, autofocus, and external mic-input.

Great Cheap Vlogging Kit

If you still have a budget to improve the quality, you can always use more tools like tripods and microphone recorder.

JOBY GorillaPod Action Video Tripod - A Strong, Flexible, Lightweight Tripod

JOBY GorillaPod is by far, the best cheap tripod! It is flexible and also stable.

If you're a vlogger, you must learn some of the basic camera movement. A couple of movement that usually used are panning and tilting. JOBY tripod makes us doing that camera movement easily because it supports 90-degree tilt and 360-degree panning.

PoP Voice Professional

A little note about microphone recorder, you may synchronize the video and audio using video editor software since most of the vlogging camera under $100 doesn't have an external mic input. But, believe me, the audio quality will improve so much just because you're using an additional recorder.

Don't take my word, just go to: PoP Voice Professional, and hear it yourself. Compare the sound between a microphone recorder and built-in camera or camcorder.

The most amazing about PoP Voice Professional is its low price. I highly suggest you bought this even if you must learn a little about how to synchronize video and audio. Don't be scared, because it's quite easy and there are so many tutorials on youtube about how to do that.

Conclusion & Camera Recommendation

So many cameras, so many options, but only a little that is excellent on $100 budget and also has a flip screen. We must compromise a little about quality, video frame rate, lighting, and many more. But, we can also use vlogging kit to improve the quality.

Just to let you know, you can have excellent vlog quality if you choose using SOSUN Camcorder and using PoP Voice Professional as a microphone recorder. What's more? Its total price is below $100! I highly recommend it!

Hope it will help you guys! Have a great day!


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