10 Best Budget Lights for Youtube Vlogging 2022

Choosing the perfect lighting for your Youtube vlog videos is very important if you wish to keep your viewers engaged with your content from the beginning to the end. If you want to make a good quality video, you will obviously need a good camera.  Even if your camera records high-quality video, it won’t seem like you are recording high-quality videos if you don’t have great lighting. Your lighting equipment goes hand in hand with your camera in allowing you to record great vlogging content.

No one can see you in a room with low lighting while you Vlog. Sure, you would say that you can always go outside. Yes, shooting a video outside is great, the lighting is directly from the sun and it’s free. But the sun is not always visible during rainy days, snowy days, and nighttime. It would be really hard trying to schedule your Vlogging sessions according to the sun’s presence in the sky.

Or you might decide to make use of lamps or ceiling lights in your room. This will give lighting, but usually, the quality isn’t great. Your high-quality camera may not even be able to capture every detail of the object or you in front of it. Bottom-line is, you can’t replace quality lightning equipment with normal light bulbs and lamps.

The quality of every video you take relies on the lighting, whether it is a long or short video. Sometimes natural light can’t do the job.  Sometimes, the best for the job is artificial lighting.

Types of Video Lights

There are three different types of lighting equipment that can improve your video quality in order to produce better-looking videos.

Softbox Lights

Using natural lighting alone will give you a lot of problems. You can end those problems with the use of Softbox lights. Softbox lights are like emulators of natural lighting. They are able to produce this kind of light with the use of diffusion panels which gives the light that soft look and seems less artificial. The Softbox lights allow you to direct the light to a spot in shot. This enables you to make lighting subjects easier.

Softbox Lights

You can find Softbox lights in all shapes and sizes at very wallet-friendly prices. This type of light is common among YouTubers.

Umbrella Lights 

If you are a newbie Vlogger, you will love umbrella lights. They are highly portable and very easy to use. Umbrella lights provide a wider source of light than Softbox lights. They are mostly used to light up an entire scene.

Umbrella Lights

Ring Lights

These lights are used for mainly beauty, makeup, and fashion videos. If you want the subjects of your video to have perfect lighting, a Ring light is a great option. As its name would suggest, ring lights consist of ring-like lights with a camera mount in the center of the ring. The camera follows the direction of the lights. These lights are powerful enough to provide lighting for a whole scene.

Ring Lights

10 Best Budget Lights for YouTube Vlogging

Here is our list of some of the best budget lighting equipment used by Youtubers and Vloggers:

1. Aputure Amaran AL-HR672W LED Daylight Dimmable Video Light Panel

Aputure Amaran AL-HR672W LED Daylight Dimmable Video Light Panel

This is a daylight-balanced (5500k) LED light that provides you with precise color accuracy due to the high CRI 95+ rated LED lights. This light also features a dimming control. This allows you to reduce the light intensity of the Aputure Amaran AL-HR672W, from 1-100%.

The AL-HR672W also has LEDs that are both compact and powerful. The LEDs have a color rendering index of 95+ that enables the AL-HR672W to cast a more radiant and natural light. Coming with two filters, one of them is the tungsten filter that changes/reduces the temperature from 5500k to 3200k. The other filter is a white diffusing filter which softens the output of light. There is also the presence of a knob to adjust the intensity of the AL-528s.

There are two forms of power supply for the Aputure Amaran light. One of them is AC adapter, and the other is via 2 lithium-ion batteries.  For convenient storage and transport of the equipment, this kit comes with a carrying case.

This kit is perfect for any form of professional videography or photography.

Key features & accessories

  • Wireless remote control within 100 metres
  • Dual power system: Lithium batteries or AC adapter
  • excellent brightness output of up to 4636.8lm
  • Excellent Color Reproduction with High CRI 95+ Accurate

2. Neewer 14-inches ring light

Neewer 14-inches ring light

This is a ring light of about a power of 55W and 5500K, the light is really powerful and bright. This can be used for both photography and videography. This is the choice of many YouTube professionals.

For those who have experience setting up lighting equipment, you are sure to find this kit quite easy to use. There is also a manual that contains directions to follow in case it is your first time setting up such equipment.

There are 240 small LEDs that are spread out for even lighting. This helps to enhance your physical features with the use of this great light.

There is a place on the lighting equipment, in which you can fix your camera or camcorder onto it. The kit is compatible with most mobile devices such as Samsung or iPhone etc. This equipment is perfect for Vlogging, as you can’t do a good Vlog without great lighting. Beauty or make-up Vlogs use this particular piece of equipment.

Key features & accessories

  • There is a hot shoe adapter that is compatible with a nor DSLR camera
  • Both orange and white Color filers made of high light transmission plastic material with a steady color temperature
  • It has a life span of 5000hrs
  • It is Eco-friendly

3. Neewer Camera Photo/Video 18″Outer

Neewer Camera Photo/Video 18″Outer

This is an 18″outer and a 14″ inner Neewer ring LED light. Like any other lighting kit, it is dimmable from the range of 1-100%. This is great for when the lighting in the room is not sufficient for your requirements.

This light is a 240 LED, 5500k light that displays a very bright light. This is easily bright enough to expose and beautify every detail of the subject for the attached camera.

The outer 18″ ring gives the lighting ring a wider view. This is wide enough to light up two or more subjects in front of it. The kit is easy to set up and operate. Even if you have no clue on how to set it up, you can look into the manual for more directions.

The Neewer is compatible with several mobile devices such as the Samsung or iPhone etc. cameras and camcorders to take either photos or videos.

Mainly beauty Vloggers make use of this LED light because the lighting quality is great and the design of the kit is perfect for the beauty niche.

Key features & accessories

  • A 5″ length stand is included for support
  • There is a hot shoe adapter that is compatible with a nor DSLR camera
  • Both orange and white Color filers made of high light transmission plastic material with a steady color temperature
  • It has a life span of 5000hrs
  • It is Eco-friendly
  • The outer diameter of the ring is of 18″ which give the lighting kit a wider view

4. LimoStudio 18″ Ring Light

LimoStudio 18″ Ring Light

This is an 18″ ring light that is wide and bright enough to eliminate stark shadows. This kit uses fluorescent light of 50W with a color temperature of 5500k. The light intensity can be adjusted to your choice in the range of 1-100%. The kit is light in weight and portable, and it comes with a carrying bag for storage and transportation.

The LimoStudio 18″ Ring Light is not hard to set up, especially if you are familiar with setting up such equipment. If not you can always go to the user-friendly manual for directions on how to assemble it.

In the middle of the LimoStudio Ring Light, there is a hot shoe suitable for holding additional devices such as cameras, phones, and camcorders. There is also a special accessory called the white diffuser cover which provides neutral color temperature, and an evenly spread light stream.

Another accessory is the 86″ Photo Video Studio Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand.  This accessory possesses a mounting stud for supporting the ring light, as well as having very  solid safety legs with three adjustable stages.

This LimoStudio lighting equipment is perfect for Vlogging, especially for beauty and make up Vlogs.

Key features & accessories

  • A 5″ length stand is included for support
  • There is a hot shoe adapter that is compatible with a nor DSLR camera
  • Both orange and white Color filers made of high light transmission plastic material with a steady color temperature
  • It has a life span of 5000hrs
  • The outer diameter of the ring is 18″ which give the lighting kit a wider view

5. Neewer 400w 5500k photo studio continuous lighting with umbrella kit

Neewer 400w 5500k photo studio continuous lighting with umbrella kit

This Neewer kit consists of several pieces of equipment. Let us start with the solid 7ft light stand that is safe and stable with three adjustable leg stages present. This lightweight stand can be folded up into a convenient compact size for storage and easy transportation on maybe a carry-on.

The stand also possesses a locking ability that makes sure your lighting equipment is not damaged.  The stands support various types of photo equipment including lights, softbox etc.

Another component is the single head light holder. In here, you insert a spiral fluorescent light bulb. The head light holder can be adjusted to the perfect angle for getting a great picture and video quality.

The kind of bulb used is an energy-saving 110v 45W spiral fluorescent. The bulb has a low operating temperature and a long life span. It gives less noise and less flickering. Even with a color temperature of 5500k, the bulb is able to save up to 80% of energy.

Lastly, we have the aluminum lampshade. It has a silver-white interior design which improves the output of the bright light. It eliminates shadow, glare, accent, or background lighting. This equipment is compatible with a photo tent and photo cube softbox. This equipment is a light modifier designed to direct and focus the light where it is needed.

This is a great set of kit which will ensure you have a great vlogging experience.

Key features & accessories

  • Pure white daylight lamp tone
  • Energy saving compact fluorescent bulb save energy up to 80%
  • Light weight and easy to move.
  • Daylight lighting tone (Color temperature: 5500K)

6. LIMO Studio LMS 103

LIMO Studio LMS 103

This lighting kit is great for both experts and newbies in the world of photography or videography. The LIMOStudio LMS 103 is very easy to operate as is easy to set up. Photo equipment can be installed quickly and it produces consistently high-quality results.

The lighting umbrella diffuses the light, so the camera will capture the full spectrum of colors with neutral skin and soft supple light. With this accessory, you can take expert-level quality portraits.

Another great feature of this kit is the production of evenly spread light with the use of translucent umbrellas. You will be able to produce images with less contrast and softer lighting.

Lastly, the LIMOStudio LMS 103 has a basic lighting stand. On the head of this stand is a ¼ inch size screw for universal mounting capability. The height is adjustable with the lever which also ensures a solid lock and a transition from tight to smooth.

Key features/accessories

  • 2 x White 33-inch Umbrella Reflector
  • 2 x Black/Silver 33-inch Umbrella Reflector
  • Energy Saving of up to 80%
  • 45W Photo CFL Bulbs: 6000K / 1820 Lumen

7. Stellar Photo/Video 18” CFL Ring Light

Stellar Photo/Video 18” CFL Ring Light

This is a well-designed ring light that can be used for all kinds of shoots.  Some professional vloggers and videographers even use this equipment. If portability matters to you, this kit can produce impressive results on the go.

The light produces by the equipment is fluorescent, which means less heat is produced and it would not heat up which also makes the stellar ring lights great for long video shoots.

The brightness of the light is adjustable, so that you can try to balance it with the natural light.

Key features/accessories

  • Produces circular catch light
  • It has 3200k and 5500k lamps
  • Light in weight
  • Produces soft white light, similar to natural light

8. LimoStudio LED Lighting kit

LimoStudio LED Lighting kit

This lighting kit is able to give off soft and diffused lights, which makes the lighting kit appropriate for most niches or genres of videos. The limo studio lighting kit possesses industrial grade wheels which enables you to quickly adjust for video shoots.

This LED lights are perfect for newbie Vloggers on a small budget. They produce a higher amount of light than the fluorescent lighting kit.

Key features/accessories

  • Presence of two 500 LEDs Video/Photo Studio lighting panel
  • A carry bag comes with it
  • Presence of six caster wheels
  • There are two 86” studio light stands

9. Andoer Photography Studio Softbox Lighting Kit

Andoer Photography Studio Softbox Lighting Kit

Andoer Photography Studio Softbox Lighting Kit Including 3pcs 45W high power LED light head with 126pcs LED beads, Bi-color temperature ( 2700K-5500K ) is a great way for beginners and professionals alike to achieve professional quality lighting. The kit includes three 45 watts LED light heads with 126 LEDs per head that provide an even distribution of soft, natural light. This kit also comes with two color filters – one for warm tones and one for cool tones – so you can get the perfect look every time.

With this kit, there’s no need to spend hours in post-production trying to make your photos look good! You’ll be able to capture stunning images from start to finish without having any technical knowledge or expensive equipment. It’s easy enough that anyone can use it! Plus, these lights are portable and lightweight so they’re perfect if you travel often or shoot on location all over town. They’re also durable and come with a carrying case that makes them easy to transport anywhere you go!

Key features/accessories

  • Softbox lights
  • Light heads that can contain 126 LEDs
  • A carrying case

10. StudioFX H9004SB2 2400 Watt Large Softbox Continuous Photo Lighting Kit

StudioFX H9004SB2 2400 Watt Large Softbox Continuous Photo Lighting Kit

This is a versatile lighting kit that supports up to 4 bulbs on each of the softboxes. Each of those bulbs can be turned both on and off. This kit is suitable for Vloggers due to its complete lighting system, background support stands, and backdrops, which can be used together to create a great studio setup.

This is the best cheap kit we found. You can use the lighting kit for most of the cameras on the market, including Sony, Canon, and Nikon, etc. This is a useful and highly effective lighting kit.

Key features & accessories

  • 2 softboxes
  • Versatility
  • Fast and easy to set-up
  • Includes 10 bulbs

What you should expect from good lighting equipment. 

Now that you know the types of lighting that are most commonly used by vloggers, you can begin your search for the right lighting tool. There are many different studio lights on the market, but the quality ones offer great features that make the process of setting up your light easy and fast. Before purchasing any lightning equipment there are some features you should consider, features that meet your requirement.

These include:

Adjustable Beam Spread 

Your lighting equipment should enable you to increase or reduce the lighting spread. This is really useful if you wish to light one subject out of the rest in the whole shot. Lighting equipment with an adjustable beam spread will enable you to have versatility in order to adapt to different ranges of scenes.


If your Vlogs involve studio work, you don’t need to consider the portability of the lighting equipment. But if you Vlog in different locations, you should consider its portability. Whether or not this matters to you depends on your Vlog.


Lighting equipment mostly come with a few handy accessories which will enable better results. Such accessories include barn doors, diffusers, reflectors, scrims, and mountable accessories. Most of these accessories are commonly found with high-quality lighting kids.

Reflectors or diffusers 

You use the reflectors to bounce the light towards the subject you wish to capture. They are really effective at filling up shadows. There are five reflectors: white (bounces the light), gold (gives the subject a slightly warm look), silver (cold looking light), and black (diffuses the light.)

The height of the light stand 

Most lighting equipment comes with stands, but not all of the stands are adjustable. This makes your work much more challenging. Try to get an adjustable stand. Also, beware of any low-quality stands that could break and damage your lighting equipment.