Top 5 Best Cameras for Youtubers

Want to lift your vlog to the next level? While all you need to start a Vlog is an idea, a camera, yourself, and a YouTube account, for better results you will need a better camera. Let us help you with choosing your vlogging camera with this top camera list.

Before purchasing a camera, there are certain questions you will have to ask yourself, such as; what size of the sensor do you require? Do you prefer a detachable or fixed lens? If it’s a fixed lens, would you prefer a mirrorless or DSLR?

As most of us already know, the mirrorless models do not offer a direct optical viewfinder and focus, which are both features of DSLRs. This makes DSLR cameras perfect for activities like wildlife photography, sports and filming action scenes. However, DSLRs are heavier and more expensive. If you want a Nikon, Canon, or Sony DSLR cameras with 4K quality, you can expect to pay at least $1000.

Mirrorless cameras are compact and produce quality videos. Sony, Nikon, Canon, and Olympus all produce quality mid-range mirrorless cameras. If you want to capture portrait images, take quality videos, or do artistic photography, then you will need a full-frame sensor camera, These will enable you to do some edits  such as blurring other parts of the shots except the subject. If you can swing it, having a camera such as a Sony A7 with a Full-frame sensor is usually well worth the money.

Types of Cameras

Mirrorless cameras

This category of cameras has several advantages over DSLR, not the least of which is the variety of cameras on offer.  This makes it relatively easy to find a mirrorless camera with 4K video quality and in-built image stabilization. Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, and Fujifilm all produce good mirrorless cameras, some of which even rival the auto-focusing feature in the DSLRs cameras, due to the invention of a new generation of phase-detect sensor models. These new models also model the optical viewfinder in DSLRs with their mirrorless electronic viewfinders.  Indeed, some even find this technology surpasses that of most DSLRs.  Truly, mirrorless cameras are experiencing an exciting period of innovation.

DSLRs cameras

DSLRs lack specific features which are commonly found in mirrorless cameras, like 4K video quality and built-in body stabilization which are found commonly in mirrorless cameras and also compacts cameras. However they possess great autofocus, they shoot faster and they can also provide quality pictures.

Compact cameras

If you have ever used a Sony RX10, you will understand why people love the compact and fixed lens cameras. This type of camera is particularly popular with travelers and artistic photographers. Manufactures are improving the features of the cameras under this category with the aim to sway photographers from the use of smartphones. There are awesome models under this category, like the Fujifilm’s X100F and the Canon’s G7 MARK II.

Now that you are able to differentiate them according to their categories, here are few models with each of them in one of the categories mentioned above.

5 Best Cameras for Youtubers

1. Canon G7 X Mark II

If you require a camera that gives you full control, perfect image quality, and is able to fit into your pocket perfectly, then the G7 X mark II is your fit. It can serve you well as your main Vlogging camera, or as a good backup to one of your bigger cameras.

The screen on this camera can be tilted in any direction you desire. This feature enables you to avoid unwanted lighting, and take images/videos at an awkward angle. You could even adjust the screen in order to take a selfie.

The screen displays beautiful colors and it is interactive.  Autofocus is set can be by tapping the touchscreen. Other software features of the camera can be activated through this touchscreen.

The G7 X mark II possesses a lens with a 4.2x zoom.

The camera has a wide aperture which is perfect for creating shallow depth-of-field effects.

The zoom of the camera can be improved but it is best to avoid this, in order to maintain great image quality.


  • Wider aperture lens
  • Wi-Fi present
  • Touch-sensitive screen
  • Larger sensor


  • Short Zoom
  • Absence of viewfinder
  • Macro Focusing is challenging

2. Canon EOS 1D X Mark II

This is the professional’s camera. It is designed for people/Vloggers that require great specs and durability. For instance, in the rain, the Canon EOS 1D Mark II can be used. This is because the camera is designed to be rugged and weatherproof.

The auto-focusing of this camera can be activated the by the use of a joystick selector instead of the screen.

The Canon EOS – 1D X enables you to record videos/Vlogs of the format 4k at 60fps. Here you will get a recording time of around 29 to 30 minutes at a resolution 8.8mp.

It is also capable of recording Full HD videos at the rate of 120fps. The best part about the Full HD video format is that it can be sent to an external recorder, something that is not possible for the 4K format video.

Another special feature is the dual autofocus which will make the camera perfect for live Vlogs and shooting movies.


  • Presence of 20.1 million pixels full frame Cmos.
  • Two-pixel autofocus for live view.
  • It shoots at a rate of 14fps but its live view feature shots are at the rate of 16fps
  • Durability
  • Fast autofocus
  • Great for low light shots
  • Excellent DCI 4K video


  • No Wi-Fi
  • Heavy awkward balancing

3. Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless

One of the best 4k vlogging camera from the famous manufacturer Canon captures the second place in our best picks of a vlogging camera for Youtube. The latest autofocus technology in form of the CMOS system can be used in T6S and t6i DSLR camera for the live view mode. The autofocus is 6.1 times high when compared to the regular EPS mirrorless cameras. When it’s combined with Digic 6 image processor they act for rapid focus measurement and also shows the improved updated autofocus performance.

The product uses 24.2-megapixel image resolution and while considering the terms of video recording the ISO reached is maximum. The APS-C sized chip which is best for the higher image sensor resolution makes the product unique from their other competitors.

The improvement in camera body when compared to its previous model make the customer prefer this one, the three-way dial button and the comfortable settings are derived to be adjusted as per the user comfort. The multifunctional button makes the operation easier, the PASM Mode dial is the standard option which includes photo, movie, auto etc.

The Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera is enhanced with more video recording movements and therefore helps to focus manually easier and faster. The Dynamic IS is for video image stabilization, also features an external microphone jack which is 3.5mm in size.

The vlogging camera for Youtube also have NFC and Wi-fi connectivity and faster pairing can be done easily with the compatible devices. The price of the product is high but worth the money you invest on the vlogging camera.


  • Capture stunning images and videos even in dim lighting
  • User Friendly Option for Operating the camera
  • Manual Movie Control


  • Expensive
  • Lag in construction

4. Canon EOS 80D

The third place in our best picks of the vlogging camera for Youtube is captured by Canon, they are built with superior quality for the excellent performance. Best for photography enthusiast who is searching for the modest and top quality models at a reasonable price. Capture the best quality of images and video with its splendid features and specifications.

The vlogging camera can be used by both beginners and experts, the reason why this vlogging camera is preferred is that of their new features and image quality improvement when considering the previous models of the canon. The product is exceptionally useful and beautiful when considering the controls and autofocus technologies used.

The product supports both NFC and Wi-fi connectivity and therefore you can use them just connecting it your mobile or laptop with ease, the body of the camera is weather resistant and therefore capable of withstanding any climatic changes. The 1080/60p video capture along with 7560 metering sensors makes the product a preferred one.


  • Built-In Wifi along with NFC
  • Good Quality of images and videos within seconds
  • Portable


  • Problems with AF point
  • Expensive

5. Canon T6i

Last but not the least, the fifth product in our best picks of the vlogging camera for youtube is captured by the Canon t6i which includes many attractive features to stand out unique in the crowd.

The upgraded 19 point AF technology along with DIGIC 6 processor is the important update in this vlogging camera, the EF-EF-S lens is available with 266 lenses and comes with selfie-friendly LCD Screen. The camera is also considered to be the professional vlogging camera in the market.

The high-resolution APS-C camera, Extraordinary ISO performance, Dynamic range over T5i, Rapid autofocus technology, 10 cross focus points, touch screen tilter, swivel LCD, built-in NFC and wireless connection, Flash Sync port are the main important features involved in this vlogging camera.

We found some downsides namely the lower battery life, no adjustment while considering Autofocus, no image stabilization etc. The price of the product is less and therefore you can get the product with ease as they fall within your budget.


  • Continuous High Speed Shooting
  • Creative filter with lot of fun
  • Built In wifi


  • Accessories tends to be costly
  • Problems with controls

Final thoughts

Hope the above picks of a vlogging camera for youtube helped you to pick the right camera for your preferred action.Any ideas, queries, and suggestions on the vlogging camera for Youtube are welcome. Have you used any of the above vlogging cameras before? Share us your experience in the comment section below.