Top 3 Best Canon Vlogging Camera 2019

Want to use Canon as your vlogging camera? Here’s what you need to know.

Canon have everything when it comes to cameras. Literally everything. From the smallest automatic to the largest, fanciest pro camera, Canon can provide it. They’ve been around practically since the inception of cameras, and they’re a powerhouse camera company that dominates the market. Canon lenses are a pro standard. So how do you, as a vlogger, navigate this complex arena to find the right Canon for your needs?

Remember the most important parts of a vlogging camera, a lens that will handle close ups without blurring or losing quality at arm’s length, special features like low light capability or waterproof casing depending on your vlog, the weight and feel of the camera in your hand, and the ease of use of the buttons. Good audio capabilities and image stabilization are major pluses too, and will vastly improve the quality of your vlog.

Canon offers all types of camera, so it’s also critical to spend a little time deciding which category you’re most interested in. Point and shoots are the simplest to operate, but if you like to indulge your creativity you’ll fast outgrow them. Compacts are an even more limited in function. Mirrorless camera bridge the gap between them and DSLR cameras, offering a lot of the features including the ability to use a limited range of lens. DSLRs can literally do anything you want- as long as you know what they are doing. Many modern DSLRs also offer a range of automatic settings to help you learn the camera and its capability. They also typically will require quite an investment in lenses to build your collection.

Whatever type you decide on, Canon can help. Here’s some of our top Canon picks.

Canon PowerShot SX530

Canon Powershot SX530
Canon Powershot SX530

Canon may be one of the world big-name brands, but there is good reason for it. The Powershot range represent this real well. Simple point and shoot interfaces combine with major features to make easy-to-use, powerful cameras that represent a great investment. This particular cannon has an amazing 50X zoom that’s hard to beat, never again will you need to worry about trying for high-magnification shots or video focus. Accurate focus ensures your subject remains the centre of the film, and most of the modern Powershots now come with Wi Fi connectivity to make sharing seamless. All this, and you can shoot in HD too.

What's more, image quality for this camera also great and has decent level of detail. You'd loved it. But, you need to know that this camera produce image a little too bright, so you might want to play with saturation or adjust the brightness carefully. 

But, the brightness also been the good point of it, low light situations don’t phase this camera, and it’s a great companion both for vloggers on the go and those who vlog from home. The menu allows for custom set-up, so you can make the camera suit you too.

Negative point of this camera: no external mic, BUT don't disappointed yet since the built-in mic already great enough! I'm just saying this for who already think to use external microphone as audio input. You definitely want to use this camera for vlogging, it's great, cheap and already has great mic input.

Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon EOS Rebel T6
Canon EOS Rebel T6

This Canon powerhouse also made it to our list of top cameras for Vloggers. It’s the perfect Canon DSLR for the newer user, while still offering a ton of functionality that will grow with you. Its Wi-Fi enabled for easy sharing, and compatible with all Canon lenses. It also typically ships with at least two lenses, and depending on the time of purchase you can also pick up some sweet bundle deals for this product.

18 MP isn’t the strongest camera around, but crisp lenses and simple settings make it easy to catch high quality images and footage. The manual is simple and easy to understand- a boon in today’s climate of poorly written and unintelligible ‘guides’. Whilst the viewing screen does leave a little to be desired- it’s a traditional static one and not a more modern flip-out, this still tops the list as one of the best Canon cameras for blogging that there is.

Canon PowerShot SX610

Canon Powershot SX610
Canon Powershot SX610

For a slim and stylish little camera, this Canon provides a decent punch. 18x optical zoom is impressive on such a small device, and shake free imagery is easy thanks to intelligent IS. Wi Fi communication makes uploads simple, and you can even share direct to certain social media sites if you want. It’s a 20.2 MP camera, too. A dedicated video button makes using it simple, too.

The long reach zoom, paired with a high-resolution image sensor, make a potent combination well suited to almost every situation. Image clarity is great, it copes well with low light conditions, and the full HD video is simple to shoot. Auto zoom keeps your film focused on the target, while creative shot gives you versatility with styling.

We’re sure you can find a great vlogging cameras for your needs on this list.


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