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The best compact vlogging camera sounds like a contradiction. Compacts have long has a slightly poor rep next to their fancier buddies as they’re just about the simplest cameras you can get. This offers a lot of versatility to the creative minded vlogger, however, and they do have their advantages, so we’re looking at some of our favorite compacts today. If you’re wondering how to go about getting the best vlogging camera to start with, you should check out our separate article on the subject.

A traditional compact offers low functionality, all on automatic, so you can slip it in a pocket, zip it out and shoot. We review one of this style below, but one that’s moved way beyond limited functionality and offers a robust build and friendly user style. We also added two less traditional compacts that call on the spirt of the genre, providing richer functionality in a small package.

Compact sports cameras are an unusual find, and if it happens to be one with decent functionality too, you’ve struck it rich.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS30
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS30

The problem with a lot of compact cameras is that they are rather fragile. This may make them perfect for a beauty vlog, but not so great for sports or travel where a camera needs to be able to stand up to a rough road as well as shoot well. This tough casing may well be exactly what you need. Its even waterproof up to 8m, so can be used in water sports and travel vlogs without concern. The size of this camera also makes it an appealing option for travellers, as it’s discrete enough to be kept easily out of the way of eager eyes pickpockets and other damages.

It offers a host of creative effect modes and some great filters, too, and while it only offers 720p HD video, it’s still an attractive little buy, particularly as it has built in, on-board memory to act as a back up to your memory card. Image stability helps keep the shakes out of your work, and there’s even a panoramic setting for spectacular effect. It’s a simple camera, but a great backup vlogging camera or compact vlogging camera you can take anywhere.

Olympus E-P2
Olympus E-P2

The E-P2 from Olympus is one of their most innovative and smallest cameras released to date. It does have some pretty funky retro styling, too, and the metal body is robust and able to stand up to some knocks. The camera offers a few more arty-type filters then earlier versions did, and they can be used in video mode too which is always nice. The shutter can also be fully manually controlled in video mode too, which opens a lot of doors for your artistry. iEnhance is a nice although not entirely necessary feature that allows you real-time contrast adjustment and colour balancing.

There’s a microphone attachment for this camera, or you can opt to instead add on their electronic view finder. Continuous autofocus makes tracking a subject within the frame a breeze, something to be appreciated by any vlogger.

KINGEAR KG006 Mini Sports Camera
KINGEAR KG006 Mini Sports Camera

Despite its tiny size, this really is an excellent little camera for the sports, travel or action vloggers among you. It’s not a traditional compact camera, but you sure can’t claim it isn’t compact! Allowing you to shoot in full HD and supporting high-capacity TF cards, it gives you up to 2.5 hours of continuous shooting to really capture the moment. A variety of available mounts combined with its ultra-low weight mean it will go where you do, allowing you to share the best action shots possible with your readers. A 120 degree angle isn’t bad from a cheaper camera, and it allows for multi angles so you can get that perfect shot easily.

The weight of this ultra-light little device is a massive selling feature, and the ¼ inch low-noise, high-quality photosensitive element allows for clear picture even in grotty lighting condition. An anti-vibration feature is a nice add-on, too. It runs on a built in lithium battery. You’re not getting a brand name, of course- but for this quality, you don’t need one.

If you’re looking for the best compact vlogging camera to pop in your pocket, these three will make perfect companions. Small, but packing a powerful punch, they will be there when you need them, and discreet when you don’t.


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