Top 3 Best Nikon Vlogging Camera

If there’s a big name in cameras, it’s Nikon. This giant dominates the market, so it’s hardly surprising that some of the best vlogging cameras around are Nikon. Nikon lenses have a great reputation, so if you’re considering a DSLR , this makes the range very attractive for your budget and future potential. A good Nikon lens always speaks to high quality. They make some interesting point-and-shoot style cameras too.

Top 3 Picks for Nikon Vlogging Cameras

While Nikon and Canon are generally held to be neck and neck in the camera market, Nikon have a slight competitive advantage on specs on their entry-level cameras. If you absolutely have to compare the two, you’ll typically find Canons priced slightly cheaper and Nikons coming with slightly higher specs. Don’t get too caught up in the brand war with cameras, however. Every good camera brand has its dedicated followers, and all of the ‘strong’ names have that reputation for a reason. Concentrate on finding a good match for you, not too much on the nitty gritty fine details between two brands.

Here are some of our favourite Nikons to showcase the brand and help you make a decision for a great vlogging camera.

Nikon D3400 DSLR

This fantastic DSLR also made it to our overall favourite list of DLSRs for Vloggers. It’s an update of the D3100 we reviewed in another article, too, and they’ve actually managed to improve on an old favourite. The D3400 DSLR works at 24MP, offering the crispest picture quality, and Full HD 1080p videos. You can wirelessly transfer pictures to a linked smart device, too, yet the body remains compact and pretty light [don’t expect the same form lenses, although Nikon makes excellent lenses its well worth investing in]. The camera typically ships with an 18-55mm lens and a 70-300mm lens, which gives you more or less all the versatility you need to start using it straight away. The auto settings are also intuitive enough to help a beginner learn the massive functionality of the camera, whilst full manual control lets and experience user tailor their video exactly as they choose. If you keep your eyes peeled, you will also often find excellent deals on this particular camera.

Nikon D3300

You won’t miss a shot with this versatile Nikon. With an 18055mm lens, it’s small and easy to use, offering 24.2MP and Full HD video. You will need an optional extra to share your work via Wi Fi, but it’s hardly surprising something this small and light has that little caveat. It does allow your phone to act as a remote as well, however, so could well be worth the little additional investment at the beginning for the added convenience.

It’s good in low light and can create high-res panoramas too. Guide Mode is great for the new user, as it will hold your hand every step of the way, although there are manual settings for the more experienced user to customise the camera. The movies are smooth and ultra-sharp, and a lot of the effects carry over to the video modes too. It’s basically a simpler version of the higher-series Nikons, and supplies a lot of the same quality at a lesser price. You won’t go wrong with this one.

Nikon COOLPIX B500

The B500 has a nice feel in the hands, and the flip up LCD makes filming simple and encourages you to explore new angles. Lens shift vibration keeps your frame still even when walking, while the camera itself offers 16MP of power. It connects to a phone or tablet by low energy Bluetooth, and gives you a rather impressive 40x Optical zoom. SnapBridge app and Wi Fi are standard, as with most Nikons, and you can control the camera remotely too.

It is a classic point and shoot, meaning you can just let it handle the action, it will optimise for every situation. The stereo sound is not bad for a camera in this price range, and the Superlapse move feature offering home-grown slow-mo is both interesting and fun, and not a feature we’ve seen repeated with other cameras.

Nikon are some of the best cameras around, and most of their range takes this strong name for robust quality seriously. While the unsecured nature of SnapBridge is slightly off-putting, these cameras offer such a host of functionality they’re impossible to resist. Any of our top three best Nikon cameras for vlogging will serve you well and a long time into the future.


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