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I won't beat around the bush to let you know which phone is the best. Just remember, choose the phone depends on your vlogging topic.

So, what's the best phone for vlogging in 2019?

If we're not talking about the price, there are three competing phones which are Samsung S10+, iPhone XS Max, and Huawei P30 Pro. Honestly, it's hard to choose one between those three phones. They all have different advantages.

If we include the price factor, I choose Samsung S10+ over. Why is that?

Overall features including telephoto, ultra-wide, slow-mo, low light video recording are great! I must admit it's not the best. However, it's the best value for the price.

What's wrong with Huawei P30 Pro?

The problem with Huawei P30 Pro for vlogging is it doesn't support 4K 60fps. If you don't mind this one, then this phone absolutely the best! It still not on the Amazon right now, and if you want it, please wait for it.

UPDATE: It's already in Amazon now! Click here to get it!​

I guarantee it's the best phone possible for vlogging in 2019 if you don't mind 4K 60fps issue. Moreover, this phone is the best for a low light situation. It's so much better than both Samsung S10+ and iPhone XS Max. Just for a note, iPhone XS Max is the worst on low light situation.

Huawei P30 Pro also has the best image quality with 40MP Leica optics.

Why iPhone XS Max in the last place?

The best thing about iPhone XS Max is that the video color produced is almost identical to the real world. Not only that, but the video result also not oversaturated. In this case, the iPhone XS Max is the best.

Huawei P30 Pro vs. Samsung S10+ vs. iPhone XS Max

Mrwhosetheboss made a video comparison that shows what these three phones can do at the same time. So you can see better which one is the best for your vlog.

Similar Advantage Between 3 Best Phones

Similarities between these three phones are they all can be used underwater. All are great, especially iPhone XS Max. They all have anexcellent stabilizer, great internal mic. It's produced an excellent audio result.

I'm pretty sure right now you already choose one phone over the others. So, if you want to see the technical specification and the latest price on Amazon, choose the phone you want below.

  1. Huawei P30 Pro
  2. Samsung S10+
  3. iPhone XS Max

Why don't I go more technical for choosing vlogging phone? I know other technical things are matter. However, I did give you the main things you need to know about your vlogging needs. Also, right now there's no better phone than these phones.

Vlogging as Passion and Profession

Vlogging is not only done for passion, but it is made for profession too. Vlogging is becoming one of the most preferable monetizing options available in online. Becoming a vlogger is so simple now, you only need the creativity of handling your camera and shots.

As you are creating a video for social media or for your particular page, you just need to concentrate on how creatively you can produce the video and not about the equipment. Many would try purchasing a camera that is specially made for Vlogging once they get into a thought of making videos for online. But they don’t aware of some smartphones that are working simply awesome for Vlogging. Yes they exist!

If you are the vlogger and looking for a best smartphone for vlogging, you will get a transparent idea on choosing the right one for you while you complete reading this page. Before check out the popular smartphones out there, you should know why you can opt to smartphone for vlog.

Why use a Phone for Vlog?

Imagine, if you choose to buy a Vlogging camera, you would certainly need to enlarge your purchasing list just to deliver a single proper video. Since you need to buy accessories such as tripods, external mics, and lighting set up to make a video professional, you need to spend additional money at the same time.

It is quite expensive! But you can achieve a professional video with not excessive cost only if you choose to buy a smartphone. We all would have come across with various smartphones but very few are picked for Vlogging. One of the benefits of using smartphones for Vlogging is that you can take them everywhere without making buzz.

With smaller appearance, using smartphones for Vlogging can save your space and money as well.

Phone Vlogging Kit | Top 3 Picks

Vloggers who have taken vlogging as their profession, must know some tricks and tips to get along with consistent money flow. Especially, if it is a beginner, there is a lot to learn to increase the profit. You don’t need a vlog kit unless you don’t take vlogging as your profession, but if you want to get monetized, you need to get the right vlog kit. With this in mind, we have written an article about Phone vlogging kit, its equipments and their specifications. When you reach the end of this article, you will get the idea about profitable vlogging. Let’s check it out.

Important Vlogging Equipments You Must Know


Microphone is the most important tool you will ever need for vlogging. However, with smartphone, you record the audio along with its video, but you can’t claim for quality audio. So, having a USB microphone, which is good at suppressing the exterior noise, is mandatory for vlogging.

Ring Light

Ring light is basically used for indoor shooting. With smartphone, you can just capture the visual with atmospheric light. But when it comes to vlogging you need a professional vlog kit which includes ring light. Ring light removes shadows on the face and increase the brightness.


Tripods are commonly said to be the photographer’s best friend. Not only for photography, but also tripods are used for videography. With tripod, you never need a camera operator. So, buying a vlog kit with tripod is recommended.

Remote Shutter

Remote shutter makes your recording a lot easier. You can access your camera just by staying far from it. It lets you control the camera like you can start, pause or stop the recording process.


Backpack is an important thing that generally refers to a kit. You can store all your vlogging equipments in backpack. It prevents your camera, lens and smartphone from scratches and damages.

Best Phone Vlogging Kit

NEW HD Flexible Tripod & Selfie Stick Kit

NEW HD Phone vlogging Kit

For beginners, to avoid the unfortunate shakes and falls, this kit includes a 12 inch flexible tripod. Tripod comes in three varieties like table top tripod, mini handheld stick and pole grip mount. It is good while recording wildlife and uneven surfaces. Along with tripod, the kit comes with mount adapter and Bluetooth shutter.

All the equipments in the kit constructed of premium and heavy duty aluminum. The kit looks compact yet last longer. You can carry this anywhere by packing it within the carry bag that comes along with the kit. All the things in the kit is come as water repellent, hence you can get them even in rainy seasons too.

A grip stick for handling your selfies comes along with your kit. This can fit into any phone up to 3.75’ wide. For those who is much interested in preparing selfies vlogging should purchase this kit.

This kit looks simple and light weighted, therefore, it is easily portable. So, when you expect any adventurous journey, which involves so much of falls, ups and downs, you can prefer buying this compact vlog kit. This kit is perfect for live streaming, travel selfies, home videos, adventure sports and taking group photos.

Check out the video, which compiles unboxing of the goods.

Special Feature

Monopod pole is built with water proof and heavy-duty anodized aluminum.

  • Simple and compact
  • Cheap price
  • Portable
  • Quality is not guaranteed
  • Limited expansion for phones

Ring Light, ESDDI

ESSDDI Phone vlogging kit

Ring light vlog kit from ESDDI comes for both iPhone and cameras. The kit includes light ring adjustable, helps in adjusting color temperature from 3200k to 5600k. It is easy to control the brightness and color. You just need to scroll the two knobs to adjust them. Hence it can be handled by beginners very easily.

The ring adapter comes along with the kit. This can be used for make up, studio lighting, YouTube videos and most prominently for vlogging. LED ring light comes along with the kit. This is designed with 360Pcs of SMD LED beads, which helps in delivering continuous soft light.

A stand for ring light comes along with the kit. This stand holds the ring light to direct the brightness to the shadow spot. The stand is made up of top grade aluminum alloy, therefore, last longer. Since the stand comes with 6ft height, you can focus anywhere up to its range and position to any extent.

The kit includes ring light, light stand, soft tube, phone holder, carry bag and charger plug to create any lighting effect. So, if you are a beginner of vlogging and expect to perform make up tutorials, you must have this kit certainly.

Check the review of Ring Light, ESDDI, in the below embedded video.

Special Feature

LED ring light with stand

  • Best for makeup tutorials
  • Capable of creating any lighting atmosphere
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for outdoor

Movo Smartphone Video Kit

MOVO phone vlogging kit

Movo vlog kit is a smart and economical choice for the beginners as you can get all the vlog equipments in one kit. As a beginner you look for a cheap kit that comprises all the equipments in one kit and available in a cheap rate. Movo will be a right choice if you one among them. It founds to be a complete video bundle for your smartphone, which is perfect for live streaming, vlogging, interviews and more.

The kit includes all the necessary things for getting your visuals done. A smartphone rig comes along with this kit, provides a rubberized grip for the smartphones,. It is applicable for 2.2” to 3.6” wide smartphones.

VXR50 Stereo Mic comes along with the kit, which offers professional sound ranging from 60Hz-18k Hz frequency. The LED30 video light features 30 ultra bright LED’s and 3 brightness levels with rechargeable battery. This makes the kit standard and completed.

So, as a beginner for vlogging, you will have a mini vlog kit including smartphone video grip, stereo microphone, wireless remote and professional video light when you buy Mono smartphone video kit.

Watch the video below to know more about Movo Smartphone Video Kit.

Special Feature

Mini vlog kit with pro stereo microphone

  • Sleek design
  • Cheap but standard
  • Compact
  • Minor audio problems
  • Durability is not guaranteed

So, what is your pick from the above described kits? Do let’ know your thoughts through registering your comments below.


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