Top 3 Best Travel Vlogging Camera 2019

Looking for the best travel vlogging camera? Look no further than our top list here.Travel vlogging has a certain romance too it, but without the nitty-gritty backing it up you won’t get far. You need a robust camera that can go where you need it to, and survive airport security checks, life on the road and being flung in and out of a suitcase without damage.

A fragile camera won’t do it. Likewise, you are going to have a ton more need of long-distance lenses then the average vlogger, who only holds their camera at arm’s length. This is why many travel vloggers opt for DSLRs, with their added range and expandability. That said, there’s a lot to recommend a point and shoot, too, as they’re simpler to slip in a pocket and don’t scream ‘tourist’ the way a bulky DSLR camera bag does.

It does depend on the type of travel you intend to do, too. Water destinations need a camera that’s immune to wet damage. Shock proofing is a great idea, especially if you are a little clumsy, and some destinations and types of travel vlogging recommend themselves to a dust-proof camera too. Overall, you also need a great camera that will shoot true colour to capture the drama of the moment.

These are some of our favourite travel vlogging cameras at the minute.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

This is one of our personal favourite Panasonic Lumix cameras for vlogging. The zoom lens is pretty fantastic, ranging from 20mm Ultra-wide angle to 60x Optical zoom, while still providing crystal-clear picture. The audio is crisp and clean on video, a feature not many other cameras match, and the microphone is wind shielded for the best results possible. It offers full HD and can record in AVCHD and MP4 format. You can even shoot pictures while recording video, and there’s a dedicated video button. You can alter aperture and shutter for more manual control of your videos.

Shoot wide-angle video while walking and let image stabilization prevent any of the jerky hand movement translating into the film. There’s 15 filters for photo, with most translating onto video too. Try the panoramic shot for an interesting and beautiful touch. The sensor offers 16.1 MP quality and cuts noise in the picture. Intelligent Auto allows you to get the right shot, first time, every time, without the need for you to set and reset camera functions. You can, however, manually set settings as well.

Fujifilm FinePix XP80

This is a rugged little camera that will serve you as well on a weekend white-water rafting as it will trotting around the streets of Paris. At 16 MP, the sensor is to be respected, and Image Stabilization ensures you don’t get that hand-held shaky look to your footage. Wi Fi connectivity makes transferring the day’s footage simple, although as the app is unsecured you may not be comfortable with using this. The app also allows you to remotely control the camera from your phone or tablet.

There’s a dedicated video button, which makes life simpler al around. The battery compartment double-locks to prevent oopsies from happening. It can be used underwater, with Fujifilm’s years of experience culminating in a view that exactly mimics what your eye sees. Not all of the filters can be used in video mode, but a decent chunk can.

APEMAN Action Camera

Not all travel takes you to hotel rooms. If you’re heading off the beaten track, this simple little go-pro style vlogging camera may be the right fit for you. It offers full HD technology and crisp, clean videos with a 14MP camera option too. It’s also easy to preview what you shot. Wi Fi is built in, and shots can be transferred via an app. Its waterproof up to 30m, which makes it perfect for holidays with water sports integrated, and with 2 rechargeable batteries provided you can get up to 2 hours of functionality from it without the need to find a recharge point.

It ships with a wide range of accessories for you to find the perfect mount for your needs, and the accessory bag itself is easy to take anywhere with you. Finish it off with a 170 degrees ultra-wide angle and I’m sure you can see why we like this quiet little camera that delivers.


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