Best Vlog Camera

Are you looking for the best vlogging camera? Look no further! Here’s our lowdown on some top vlogging offerings. You might also like to check out our information on finding the right vlogging camera before you make your final purchase.

Here’s a couple of things to bear in mind when picking a vlogging camera.

Lens matters – but not how you think

Most camera advertise lenses that will handle images from far away. Few vloggers actually need this. Most vloggers work their device from arm’s length away. Rather look for a lens that looks great up close. About the only exception is for travel vlogs, or the odd sports vlog.

Resolution is getting better every year.

It’s always worth bearing in mind that resolution for video is developing every year. While your budget may constrict you, the better resolution your camera can handle, the crisper your vlogs will look, and the longer it will take for the technology to outpace you. Remember that higher resolution footage will need a matching capacity laptop to truly shine.

Audio matters too

Audio quality has long lagged behind visuals when it comes to cameras. This year has seen this improve tremendously, but it’s still worth carefully considering your purchase from this angle before you commit. Audio and microphone add-ons are sometimes worth considering too.

Fit the camera to the vlog

You need a waterproof camera if you’re heading into the wild. A good lens matters for travel shots. Will you be doing something that needs a robust case? Do you need it to handle low light conditions well? A good camera is useless if it can’t do what you need.

With these top tips in mind, let’s look at some of the best vlogging cameras.

Nikon D5100


We really do like this particular Nikon. It combines a reasonable price with great performance, and can be used for a wide range of vlogging activities. The 3” LCD display also allows for varied angles, and it’s crisp enough to get a real sense of the footage you just recorded on playback. Explore the world with creative shooting angles, and take the creative effects it offers for photos over to video mode too. Try Model mode, and render the scenes as if everything is in miniature, or opt for colour isolation to pick out one colour and set the mood. Movie performance is great, and there’s full time auto-focus to help you keep your subject sharp and in view at all times. Sound quality is darn good for an on-board record, and offers a pretty crisp stereo. If you’re working indoors, its sophisticated system of compensation for both low light and high contrast scenes will interest you. Add an ISO range of 100-6400, 3D tracking and you, and you have the perfect vlogging team.

Canon EOS Rebel T1i


This is the entry level of the rebel range, but it’s a nice little camera to consider. It’s a 15.1MP camera offering full HD up to 1920×1080. You can connect it to your TV via HDMI. Video is brilliant with rich colours, while the microphone provides decent if not exceptional audio. Live view enables you to inspect your footage right after filming. It offers you ISO 100-3200, with expansion to 6400, meaning no flash or extra lighting is needed in a ton of situations where typically it might. Noise reduction is also pretty impressive.

If you’re a beginner, Creative auto will represent a great learning tool. While the camera controls most of the basic settings, it will walk you through tweaking the scene to the look you truly want. If you’re interested in a camera that will help you learn, this is the one.

Fujifilm X-E1 16.3 MP Compact System Digital Camera


It’s small, but powerful, and image quality is exceptional. The camera has 2 mount lenses, a 14mm and an 18-55mm, to allow for a range of filming options. It actually shares internal lens technology with one of the Pro Fuji-film cameras, too. The ISO runs 100-6400, and can be digitally extended to 25600. Low light capabilities are great, and it shoots with a crisp high resolution.

This camera records at 24fps, the cinema speed, and you can create some nifty cinema look-alike video with it. There’s a host of great colour settings like monochrome to make your shooting even more interesting. You can even defocus the background of your shots. You can amplify the sound to stereo using a separate accessory for improved audio.

There’s a ton of great vlogging camera for all sorts of vlogs, people and needs on the market. Why not take a flick through our site for some more specialised vlogging offerings?