Top 3 Best Vlogging Camera Under $300 in 2019

Do you have a little more budgetary freedom and want to spend on a camera that will prove a good investment? The best vlogging cameras under $300 are the place to look then.

Top 3 Picks for Vlogging Cameras under $300

By capping out at $300, we’re not exactly looking at top of the range cameras and DSLRs here. We’re still looking at reasonably priced cameras that have to deliver a lot for the price. But your expectations can be considerably higher than with our low-end $100 cameras. Zooms should be steady and smooth, camera casing hard and reliable, and there should be some elements of style coming into the mix. Hopefully, you’re seeing a wealth of functionality for your bucks too, and this should include a lot of features designed to handle adverse situations like low light levels and high noise. A good DSLR camera body can be had for $300 and under, and if you have a smart eye for a bargain you may even find a great bundle with lenses included. Past this price point you truly enter the territory of the DSLR and lens kit, but below $300 you still have some point and shoots that are content to handle all the hard work for you. You also have an opportunity to consider mirrorless cameras, which offer some of the functionality of the DSLR without being as overwhelming.

Whichever route you take, there’s a great camera to help your vlogging journey. We look at 3 favourites at this price point below.

Nikon COOLPIX B500

This Nikon has a nice feel in your hands, with a case that’s following the trend of presenting a retro-modern look. This has a telephoto lens capability, and the LCD is flip up for easy filming. At 16MP it’s strong enough for most needs and it also gives a large range of fun creative effects. You can connect via Bluetooth to your phone, too, and the 40x Optical zoom is nothing to sneeze at. There’s also an 80x dynamic fine zoom. Lens Vibration Reduction makes sure your shots and filming stay steady at all times.

Wi Fi is built in, and low energy Bluetooth via SnapBridge [the Nikon App] makes remote use and uploading simple. Everything this camera makes seems crisp and clear, and it works in high resolution like a dream. It’s a great little camera.

Canon SX530 HS

This powerful little camera is actually one of our favourite Canon cameras for vloggers too, and with good reason. This has an incredibly strong zoom [we are talking 50x zoom here, it’s amazing] combined with a simple and clear point-and-shoot interface. You can even customise the menu set-up to best suit your vlogging style. It’s decent in low light, and it’s a great camera to carry around with you due to a durable case and convenient size. If you like playing with macro shots or high magnification shots, or if you’re running a travel, wildlife or sport vlog, this is an excellent camera to consider. The Accurate Focus feature also ensures that wherever you are pointing, you stay in focus and on target, even when it’s moving. As with most of the modern powershots it has full Wi Fi functionality too. It’s 16MP on still shots too.

Canon PowerShot ELPH

It’s small, but don’t doubt it! This is a sleek and put together little point-and-shoot with a 20.2 MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4+ image processor. It works well in a variety of situations- it can be outperformed by bigger cameras, but not by much, and it’s among the most versatile point and shoot you will find. It also often comes in an accessory-laden bundle pack so your $300 can be very well spent. It records full HD at 30 fps with a 12x Optical Zoom. Image Stabilisation keeps your shots on track. A large and simple to use LCD makes reviewing footage easy, and built in Wi Fi makes sharing to the linked smart device a breeze.

Low noise means cleaner images, and there’s a host of fun and creative settings to explore to ensure your footage never gets dull. It’s a nice, compact package you can take anywhere and would particularly suit a travel vlogger, but really anyone can find something to love in this slim little piece.

Any of these best vlogging cameras under $300 will serve you well and give you all the functionality you could want as a vlogger. Why not make the investment today?


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