Best Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen

Are you a vlogger? If so, you need flip screen camera to bring out magic to your videos that you record, especially if you're a selfie vlogger type. Apart from the magnificent visuals, they can save your time, money and also bring you more benefits.

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What Factors do you need to consider while getting a camera with flip screen?

Before going into the products, let’s look for some of the characteristics you need to look at the vlog camera you are going to grab it for you.

  • Size of the Camera
  • Lens Angle
  • Image Stabilization
  • Microphone

Your camera must capture high-quality pictures and videos even when you are on the go or out of the field, do not depends on the image stabilization of Youtube as it alters the video quality alternatively after you upload.

Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

Once you are clear on the factors and other characteristics to pick a camera, the next step is to choose the right product for the perfect brand. While considering vlog cameras, there are a lot of brands and it is your responsibility to choose the correct one based on your needed specifications.

To help you with, we have listed out the four camera brands.

Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS M50

Being newcomer, Canon EOS M50 has become a recent choice of professional vloggers and received positive reviews from the vlogging community. Despite being a newcomer, it is truly featured with all the necessary features to render perfect pictures and video recording.

The 4K resolution brings your memory card with the number of quality clicks and footages. As a first canon’s Mirrorless camera, it is come up with excellent features which have increased its popularity and hype among vloggers.

One of the features of this camera provides you are gear upgrade in a compact package. As an upgrade version of Canon G7X, it is integrated with Mirrorless feature with the similar capabilities added on. For its higher price, the camera has been built with a larger sensor, microphone jack, and interchangeable lens capabilities.

The 24.1 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor in the camera provides quite wide when compared to the previous one. It renders incredible color, clear details, and stunning range. The sensor of the camera is extended from ISO 100 to ISO 25,600 this allows your camera to capture pictures with a wide sensitivity range.

So, with Canon EOS M50, sharing the raw images on social networks through automatic image transfer and getting your files transferred to your compatible device will be so easier.

Canon EOS M50 can be manually controlled through its flip-out touch screen. The working mechanism greatly differs from the previous one. The new DIGIC 8 processor, an improved autofocus system with 143 AF points and the most importantly M50 feature of the flip screen make it the most preferable one in recent times.

Highlights of Canon EOS M50

  • Future proof guaranteed
  • DSLR-Size sensor
  • Wide auto focus area
  • 4K resolution

Check out the below video to know better about this camera

Nikon COOLPIX A900 Digital Camera

Nikon CoolPix A900

Nikon remains compact, but with Nikon CoolPix A900, it becomes smaller than ever. While considering the size, you can carry it anywhere, so this one is recommended for the vloggers whose profession meant traveling. Despite the compact size, there are a lot of features packaged within this camera. All the advanced features of this camera let you take perfect pictures and shoot 4k resolution videos in almost all the poor lighting conditions.

To obtain the crystal clear shots, this Nikon Coolpix A900 is integrated with 20 megapixels and ½.3” CMOS sensors. For the manual operation, the aperture can be adjusted up to f/3.4-6.9 LED lens along with 30x optical zoom and 70x dynamic zoom. For the better movement and taking perfect selfies shots, the camera is capable of tilting the 3inch 921k-dot LCD screen with a flip screen. Thus it gives brilliant manual support to the user.

Apart from crystal clear images, you also get 4k visuals accompanied by the best stereo sound. Features like face priority AF, super lapse movie and 5-axis hybrid vibration reduction make them one of the preferable to vloggers. To convert the RAW files on the shooting spot, the camera is built with snapbridge app, which also enables you to edit and share the images on the social media platforms. As a modern feature, this camera is enabled with WiFi and NFC connectivity. This makes vlogging convenient while shooting.

If you are not so familiar with camera mechanism, you have automatic mode to switch from manual. If you want to explore the camera, you have the choice to operate it by setting it in a manual mode. For those who feel it difficult to set the accurate aperture, ISO and shutter speed, this automatic mode will be useful. The PSAM mode helps in this case as it allows you to control aperture and shutter speed.

As it looks small in size, it fits your pocket or purse. With its telephoto NIKKOR glass lens, you can capture distant object in staggering detail. The zoom power of the camera goes up to 35x optical zoom and whopping up to 70x dynamic fine zoom. This helps you view and capture objects in far distant. The image sensor of 20 MP returns brilliant image quality. So, if you are the vlogger who has the passion to turn ordinary into extraordinary, choose this one.

Why you should choose Nikon COOLPIX A900?

  • High-Quality Video gained by 20 Megapixel and ½.3” CMOS Sensor
  • High efficient 3-inch tilting LCD screen
  • 70x dynamic zoom and 30x optical zoom
  • Preferable PSAM mode

Want to know more? Watch out the below video review..


Panasonic Lumix G85

High durability of this camera makes this preferable choice by vloggers. So, for those who are afraid of dropping the camera, this camera has been made for you and it is come up with lots of features to satisfy your shoot.

The body of the camera is made up of strong magnesium alloy, which is not used in the previous G7. So, comparing the durability on both cameras, you will end up with Panasonic Lumix G85. Since this camera is designed in average size, you can use it without difficulty and easily use by your hand. From the screen side, the camera is built with touch screen display with a flexible tilting feature. The screen displays high-resolution videos, thus G85 is comfortable to use. As it is built with fun features, this cheap vlogging camera with flip screen makes your shoot comfortable and enjoyable.

The built-in 5 axis stabilization gives stable shooting and ignores the shakes. Thus, you can use it on the uneven surfaces too along with getting hi-res footage. The autofocus feature of this camera lets you have an instant focus on the subject, so you can point the subject throughout the end of shooting. The video records in 4k resolution with the frequency rate of 24p/30p. Apart from the 4k format, you also get FullHD 1080p video, which is impressive. Despite a few drawbacks, you get numerous unique features from this camera.

But above all, it seems to be the cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen built-in with tremendous options. Very few cameras in this rate offer 4k resolution, durable and waterproof features. This camera has been referred to as the most loved by vloggers.

Why Choose Panasonic Lumix G85?

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and long-lasting battery performance
  • Excellent EVF and touch screen
  • Excellent RAW conversion

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II ( Best Point and Shot Vlogging Camera )

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II - Best vlogging camera with flip screen

The recent trending vlogging camera that includes the perfect specifications and characteristics captures the first place in our best picks. The manufacturer has developed this camera to be the improved version of the G7 X smaller camera. The latest one has better performance when compared to the previous one and also has a new grip developed in rubber and more battery life.

What is so special in Canon Powershot G7X Mark II?

It’s undoubtedly the manufacturer provided the free lens, they are the faster lens which is able to zoom out and also records yourself while you hold the camera. They are also developed to neglect the perspective distortion while using it on a tripod or at home, they are the f/1.8 24-100mm lens.

The low light quality that is achieved in this camera is really a positive feature and it's hard to make with a 1 inch CMOS sensor size camera. Autofocus would be accurate and another important thing about the camera is that the flip screen is also designed to be touchscreen so that you can easily adjust the focus point while you shoot any video.

Not only that, but this camera also has great ISO Range ( up to 12800 ) and powered by a great image processor ( DIGIC 7 )​. These two makes extremely low-light photos and videos are possible to take, not mentioning with great quality of course.

DIGIC 7 Processor really enhanced motion tracking and detection, and also features Dual Sensing IS that will help minimize the blur caused by camera and body shake movement while ensuring the image still has high-quality sharpness with minimum noise.

The time-lapse recording mode, which is the updated feature in this canon PowerShot. The quality of the lens and other parts of the camera is reliable and they are developed in both manual and automatic modes for recording high-quality vlogs without carrying heavy equipment.

Good battery life is also one of the major positive of this camera, the only downside of it is their mic input, which is normal as in other compact cameras. While considering the price, they are a bit expensive but worth the money you invested in the camera for vlog.

What made Canon Powershot G7X Mark II get preferred by customers?

  • Best quality Lens at a reasonable price.
  • Decent Performance of the low light
  • Best Image Stabilization
  • Video Creator Kit

Panasonic Lumix LX10

Panasonic Lumix LX10

The second place in our best pick is for the popular brand Panasonic, they are known for their small cameras and the high-quality video they capture at any go. The best vlogging camera for any vlogger next to G7X Mark II is the Panasonic LX10 model.

The camera offers the best 4k recording quality, rapid lens and good capture of photos and visuals on the go. You will be able to experience the difference in color when recording 4k clips for an extended period of time. This camera does not overheat and this particular feature is the main plus for the product.

The faster lens makes you zoom in and out easily when capturing images from anywhere and therefore you are assured of the better autofocus and other capturing properties. The vlogging can be awarded for their overall performance and for the rapid lens achievement. The price of this camera is reasonable and falls within your budget so that you can get the product without any hesitation.

Highlights of Panasonic LX10

  • Splendid Lens Quality
  • Pocketable
  • 4k Recording
  • Realistic Colors

Sony a5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Sony A5100 Mirrorless

The third place in our best picks goes to the famous brand Sony and the product is a5100. You should have got the mirrorless cameras in mind when you think of Sony brand. The recent version of Sony cameras namely Alpha 6000, 6300 and 6500 are getting positive reviews and delivering good results when compared to DSLR.

The articulating screen indulged in this camera makes better for vlogs, the a5100 comes with a flip screen and therefore best option for any vloggers who need to capture good quality videos and visuals. The camera, even though built for video blogs, has many uses for the vloggers.

APS-C sensor developed in this camera provides the greater low light quality, they are light in weight so that you can take it with you wherever you go. They 1080p60 video quality helps in capturing the best images and videos. The only downside of the camera is that they have no external microphone port but it is not going to be the main problem when compared to their price. The Sony a5100 is the best mirrorless camera for any vloggers next to G7, GH4 etc.

Why pick Sony a5100

  • Affordable
  • Lighter when compared to DSLR
  • Low light performance is good
  • 1080p60 recording which helps in capturing best images and videos.

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Final Thoughts

Hope the above buying guide and best picks of the Best vlogging cameras with flip screen helped you in choosing the right camera for vloggers.

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on what's the best cameras with a flip screen are welcome.

Have you used any of the above? What are your views on it? Comment it in the section below.





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