19.000.000+ Free Vlog Assets Collection: Your Assets Hunting is Over!

Finding royalty free assets for our vlog is quite easy, but it's time-consuming. It takes about 3 or 4 hours just to find all of these free assets that you can use. So, I hope that what I do are useful to you, especially vlog beginners.

For a beginner, it's hard to spend money on assets like music, loops, sound effects, background, image, movie template, etc. I'm not even counting great software for image editing and video editing.

Before we get started, I want to discuss a little, so you know what Royalty free is...

Royalty Free Means

For you who don't know, royalty free is not always categorized as free to download. It just means that you can use the asset without copyright issue as long as you follow the rules.

There's so much license type, but all of them have the same purpose, which is protect the owner for being ripped off. I know for some of you, this means nothing. But, if you want to have long last vlogging career, it's better for you to respect their music with attribution or credit.

Let me tell you this...
With your attribution, it will not bring down your credibility. Anyway, if you want to remove the credit and already have good progress with your vlogging career, just buy the license, and you can remove the attribution.

Almost every license requires you to do something, for example, is how to give credit or attribution. The most common license that you will see is Creative Commons License. It's giving permission free to use for commercial and non-commercial, must use an attribution, no claiming the asset as your own and you can't redistribute or sell it.

If you're already looking for free assets before, you'd probably encounter some website that offers you royalty free music or video with a one-time payment, or even subscription.

This is the reason why I make this collection... So that you won't struggle to find REAL FREE assets with no copyright issue. Sometimes, it needs attribution, but that's worth to do bcoz you got all the assets for free!

Note: There's no order which site is the best since they are all the best for giving us free assets.

So, what I've got for you guys? Let's take a look!

Royalty Free Audio ( Music, Loops, Sound Effects )

There is so much website that gives you free audio, but it's not easy to find royalty-free, and also free to download. I've made a list of site that offers you free download royalty free music, loops, sound effects and many more.

Here's the list:

1. Youtube Audio Library

Surprised? Apparently, youtube already gives us free audio to use! There's so much and with excellent quality.

Youtube audio library music section has many genres, moods, instruments to choose. Sometimes we're also already know how long the music we need for the vlog and guess what? Youtube already gives music length filter too!

Not only music but also sound effects are categorized well. Youtube really do a great job making us more accessible to choose audio to use.

How much music and sound effects youtube share with us? Can you guess it? It's over 3000! Sorry, can't count anymore since it's too much lol!

youtube audio library

Note: See the attribution filter. If you wish not to use any attribution, set the filter to "Attribution not required". Personally, I don't mind to give attribution since they're giving us great things for free and let us use it. Then again, it's up to you and depends on your needs.

2. BenSound

Bensound.com is a website created by Benjamin Tissot. He's a French composer and Musician that been producing music for 10 years and more!
He's doing an excellent job for us vloggers by making music in many categories, and you can use it using attribution to his website.

Cons from the site: No filter for free music that we can use, it's mixed up with paid music. Still, we can only thank him for sharing his work to us.

Need acoustic music? He's done that too! Check it out!

3. Purple Planet

Just like Bendsound.com, Purpleplanet also made by people who compose, perform, record, mix and using logic pro for it. For you who don't know, Logic Pro is a professional audio engineer software. It can do almost all the things needed for your audio.

Technical aside, you can get many kinds of music here, categorized very well and have more than 200 music there! The Purpleplanet website also gives a couple rare music category like spa & beauty, seascapes, pastoral, world spirit.

purpleplanet music list

4. JoshWoodward

Again another musician that shares their music to be used for free with attribution. More than 200 music in the site and can be downloaded for free!
The uniqueness about this site, it's has tempo filter.


5. CCMixter


This site is a gold mine! It shares with us:
* 570+ Instrumental Music for Film and Video
* 3900+ Music for Commercial Use
* 360+ Music for Video Games

Note: The number I just stated are only free to use assets for commercial use! For non-commercial use, it's even much more than that. Remember that you must give credit.

Honestly, I have little confusion in this site even if it's not complicated at all. I don't even know why I confuse. But, to prevent you from having the same confusion as mine, I'll give you some navigation where to get all the audio.

Steps to download:

1. Open Dig CCMixter.

2. Press "Dig" on music category you want.

CCMixter step 2

3. Apply filter free for commercial use.

ccmixter step 3

4. Press Download on music you want.

5. Follow instruction to add attribution.

ccmixter final step

6. Incompetech

Incompetech is another excellent website with 1100+ free audio ( music, loops, intro ) with so much genre and mood! Completely free to use under Creative Commons license.


7. Filmmusic

The site owned by the same person who owns incompetech. And yes, entirely free too. Give thanks to them and enjoy!


Royalty Free Images ( Background, Image, Photo ) and Videos

Images and videos also have a license just like audio, and most of them also need attribution or credit.

1. Freepik

Freepik is the site that I LOVE the most! I even become a premium member of it coz it's regularly updating. Always having fresh new images is an incredible thing.


Without becoming a premium member, you can also download for free and use the image with attribution. Crazy things about this site, it's sharing more than 3.000.000 free of vector images, stock photos, psd images, icons!

3 Million?! YES! You heard me right! And even better, it's pretty well organized with categories, file types filter.

2. Flickr

Who doesn't know Flickr? It's already existed since forever (Can't tell for sure, but it's been there for a long time ). It's got more than 7 millions of photos and videos!


To make sure you can download photo or videos for free, follow the picture below.

flickr filter

Choose one of these filters except the bottom 2.

3. Pixabay

Pixabay no attribution

I've mentioned things about images and videos license right? Guess what? Some website makes their own license, and they can do whatever they want with their content. Pixabay is one of them. They give all the content for free, no attribution required even if you're using it for commercial use!

The best thing about Pixabay is they share more than 900.000+ images and 6.000+ videos ( They claim that has more than 1.6mil images and videos, I honestly don't know where the rest of it ). Many of their videos have 4K quality, their filter system are really great and well organized.


Need a transparent background photo? Don't worry, they even got it in the filter system. Size, orientation, video resolution, color... You named it, they got it all.

4. FreeImageBay

FreeImageBay is also one of some website that shares free photos with no attribution required...


5. Unsplash

Another great site with their own license and giving away without any credit, even though they will appreciate the attribution ( Who doesn't? ). They have so much professional grade photos. Not only that, but they also provide wallpapers, textures, patterns and many more.


What I like about Unsplash?

When you do search photo there, "tree" for example. Unsplash will give tags that related to our searches like "forest", "Christmas tree", "jungle", "flowers", and much more.

unsplash related tag

Another unique Unsplash feature is collections. It gives you a collection of HD pictures that related one to each other.

unsplash collection

6. Pexels

Pexels is full of beautiful stock photos and again also one of the sites that give all for free without attribution.



These assets are great for anyone who wants to vlog, especially for a beginner and new in the vlogging world who doesn't have much budget to make their own content.

Now you already got a tremendous amount of assets and may even overwhelm you.

My tip for this is to remember that the assets only helping you to achieve your goal, stick to your vlog concept and content. Do not waste time too much when finding the best asset to use, because it's impossible to know which one better from millions of assets.

With these free vlog assets, there's no excuse for you to give up on your vlogging dream!

So, what's the next step?

Actually, this step is needed when you already record your own vlog or already decide on content which is choosing your image editor and video editor whether it's free or paid. Then again, it's okay too if you want to choose the software before making content so you know what you can do with the tools you wish.


I'm an internet marketer that always learning something new and hoping to get the best result in everything I'm doing.

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