How to Find the Right Vlogging Camera

Finding the right vlogging camera for you needn’t be hard. We can help you find the right information on what makes a good camera, but do remember that that doesn’t mean every proclaimed ‘good’ feature is actually what you need!

Give some careful consideration to what you need your camera to do. Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t get a camera that will serve you well.

If you want to start vlogging, then you should equip yourself with the right camera for your needs. With a good vlogging camera, you can get things done easier and quicker. These cameras can save you lots of time in the long run.

Is the camera going to work for you?

One of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing a vlog camera is how will you be using your camera. If you’re an action sports vlogger then you’re going to need a different camera than a vlogger who films for example a makeup vlog at home.

An action vlog is going to need a considerably more robust camera. If you want to give your viewers an up-close look at what you are doing, an action camera may be the right choice for you. Underwater cameras, snowboarding, diving, and more need waterproof casing. Beauty vlogs need less robust cameras but may have to deal with awkward lighting. Pick the right fit for your needs.

You can have the most awesome camera ever, but if it doesn’t fit your hands well and you don’t feel comfortable using it, it’s just an expensive decorative hunk. Try and handle the model before you buy, or at least pay careful attention to what other readers have to say about it.

It is recommended that you check all types of vlogging cameras and check that it’s right for the task. Different skill levels may require different types of cameras, for example, a point-and-shoot camera might be a better choice for a beginner. However, in some cases, you can learn step-by-step from trial and error to get experience before coming to the best one. It depends on your motivation and your eagerness for vlogging.

Things to consider before buying a vlogging camera

Here are a few essential features to look for in a vlogging camera that you should check when purchasing a camera if you want to capture high quality video.

Flip Screen

Camera that has a flip screen is good for you to record yourself easily. It will be convenient when your camera has a flip screen for vlogging.

Brand of the camera

various brands of cameras are being sold on the market. You just need to pick up the famous brands that you like.

Video Resolution

Technology is evolving daily, and video is getting to higher and higher resolutions. 4k resolution is becoming more and more common these days. However, you’ll notice that the most common resolution is 1080p is still a popular standard for vlogger. This is because it still provides great looking footage in the here and now, and it suits those on a budget. You don’t have to abandon your dreams of vlogging if your budget is tight.

Budget & Price

If you’re one of those who never had to worry about money, good for you. Otherwise, like most people on earth, you  have been subjected to the task of having to work around a budget. Good thing that these days looking to buy vlogging cameras on a budget isn’t so painful anymore.  There are now more options and available products to consider.

Different camera models are now marketed to fit different kinds of budgets. Enthusiasts need not worry about getting their hands on a quality vlogging camera even with a budget to think about. A simple consideration when looking to buy vlogging cameras: the cheapest cameras will have the most basic features aimed at those with beginner skill levels. This means the features of a vlog camera will be proportional to the price at which it it will be available.

Performance in low light

Performance in low light is one of the most important factors of a vlogging camera that you should pay attention to. If you want to obtain high-quality photos from the camera when capturing images, you should check this feature out. It is necessary to get your cameras that have feature of low-ligh performace because this will help you get quality images regardless of night time or cloudy days.

Lack of an excellent performance in low light, your camera won’t help you gain good video quality.


It is extremely important that your vlog should have clear and audible audio. This will ensure that the viewers are really interested in your vlog. For this quality, you will need to ensure that the camera has decent audio quality from the in-built microphone or by using an external microphone connected to your camera. Look for a camera that has a microphone input and that doesn’t pick up any unwanted background noise.

Available Wifi Connectivity

You can easily share your videos or photos via email or social platforms if your camera has available wifi setting. You don’t have to connect it to your laptop to do so while you can connect it easily with your mobile phone to upload and share stuff.


A good vlogging camera is one that can be carried around easily, 24×7 and for that, it should be really light in weight. While there are certain vlogs where the camera can be set on a tripod, and the weight is not an issue with them, most of the others need to be carried around the whole day.

So look for a vlogging camera that is light in weight.


Having a fast and accurate autofocus feature is equally important for a vlogging camera. As a vlogger, you have to quickly switch between filming yourself and filming another subject or surrounding. And this is only possible with a crisp autofocus feature. So If you are looking for the best camera to use for YouTube, you cannot miss this feature.

Optical Image Stabilization

The basic purpose of optical image stabilization is to prevent shaky video footage and thus, improve the quality of the vlog. It is a necessary feature when you are looking for the best camera for vlogging since a lot of vloggers shoot their videos while they are either walking or multitasking.