Finding the right vlogging camera for you needn’t be hard. It’s easy to find the right information on what makes a good camera on the net, but do remember that that doesn’t mean every proclaimed ‘good’ feature is actually what you need! Give some careful consideration to what you need your camera to do. Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t get a camera that will serve you well. Here’s our top tips, and a look at some good cameras for different situations to give you an idea of what to look for.

How much HD do I really need?

The easy answer is the more the better. Technology is evolving daily, and video is getting to higher and higher resolutions. The less able to adapt to that you are, the sooner you will have to upgrade. However, you’ll notice the odd 720 pixel camera makes it to vlogging lists. This is because it still provides great looking footage in the here and now, and it suits those on a budget. You don’t have to abandon your dreams of vlogging if your budget is type.

What are you vlogging?

An action vlog is going to need a considerably robust camera. If you want to give your viewers up close looks at what you are doing, a sport camera you can mount may be the right one. Underwater cameras, snowboarding, diving and more need waterproof casing. Beauty vlogs need less robust cameras, but may have to deal with awkward lighting. Pick the right fit for your needs.

Does it fit you?

You can have the most awesome camera ever- if it doesn’t fit your hands well and you don’t feel comfortable with it, it’s just an expensive decorative hunk. Try and handle the model before you buy, or at least pay careful attention to what other readers have to say.

Now you know how to tailor ‘a good vlogging camera’ to ‘your good vlogging camera’, let’s look at a few examples to give you an idea.

Canon PowerShot SD1200IS

Canon Powershot SD1200IS

You might be surprised to see this petit little offering on our list, but it’s a great vlogging camera to consider if you’re new in the arena. The trendy range of colours is nice, of course, but it packs a surprising punch too. At 10MP, you have most of the imaging power you need to start. The Optical image stabiliser is the same as in higher-end Canons, and keeps the picture steady and clear no matter where you are. For a small camera, a 2.5” LCD isn’t bad at all, and the viewing angle is true colour and very durable. It has a night display too.

If you aren’t terribly sure with settings and such yet, this offers a lot of the Canon Auto intelligent settings that help you make the most of the picture without being too skilled yourself, auto-setting to a range of standard settings to help you. It also has face detection technology to track moving subjects. It’s a great entry-level vlogging camera.

Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100

We’re such a fan of the Nikon D5100, we actually recommended it as one of the top Vlogging cameras of 2018. It offers superior performance at a more then reasonable price, and proves surprisingly versatile too. With a super-sharp 3 inch LCD display that allows for many angled viewing and crisp playback. It also encourages you to explore a range of angles for more creative shooting. It’s range of creative effects translate to the HD movie setting, too, so you’re free to get closer, and we personally loved the selective colour mode that allows you to isolate only one colour in the scene. The movie performance is exceptional, with full-time autofocus for motion tracking. It has a separate movie button, a feature experience vloggers come to love. The stereo sound quality is also pretty high for a native recorder.


It offers some fantastic features for adjusting high-contrast scenes, which is of great use to any vlogger working indoors. The natural ISO range is 100 to 6400, which helps low light video shooting and handheld video. 3D tracking for focus also makes for a stunningly versatile vlogger camera.

Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera

Nikon D3100

This update on the D3100, one of the most popular Nikons made, certainly lives up to its promise. It produces vibrant, entertaining and rich imagery, and handles low light without a fuss. SnapBridge, Nikon’s Bluetooth app, also makes liaising between your camera and your device simple, and imagery that’s shot is automatically uploaded. It also offers you cloud storage if you would like the feature. A tendency to shoot realistic skin tones makes us inclined to advise this as a beauty vlogger’s best choice, but in reality it will work well for any purpose. A bright optical view finder ensures you can see without glare, and it’s a camera that’s pretty easy to handle too. It’s a great mid-range camera that makes using it fun, and a good choice for the more confident vlogger.

We’re sure you can find the perfect vlogging camera for you with these tips. Good luck!

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