How to Get Youtube Sponsors in 2022 For Big & Small Channels

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, but many people don’t understand how to monetize it. If you want to make money on Youtube, you need sponsorships. But how do you get them?

The main secret to obtaining sponsorship is simply asking. However, there are nonetheless various methods to approach sponsorship that may be effective. So, let’s talk about how you can find sponsors for your YouTube channel and ask them if they’d be interested in collaborating on campaigns.

What is a Youtube Sponsor?

A Youtube Sponsor is someone who helps fund your channel by giving you money in exchange for advertisement. A youtube sponsor is a company or individual that provides financial or other support to a YouTuber in order to help them produce content.

What are the benefits of having a sponsor?

There are several benefits of having a sponsor. Some of these benefits include:

Financial assistance: Sponsors can provide financial assistance to help you produce content. This can be in the form of providing you with money, but it can also be in the form of discounted or free products that you can use in your videos.

Advertisement: Sponsors can help you by advertising your content to their audience. This can help you reach a larger audience and grow your channel.

Partnership: Sponsors can also help you build partnerships with other companies or individuals. This can help you create more content and grow your channel even more.

– Feedback: Sponsors can provide great feedback on your content and give you insight on how to improve it. This can help you grow as a creator and produce even better videos.

Promotional opportunities: If you do collaborations with other creators, sponsors may want to be a part of that collaboration. They can also offer promotional opportunities such as giveaways or contests.

Experience: If you are just starting out your channel, sponsors can help provide the experience that you need to produce great content.

How to get Youtube Sponsors

Start by determining who your YouTube audience is

How to get Youtube Sponsors

Before you go looking for sponsors, you should first examine your audience like when you’re first starting a vlogging channel. What is the average age of your subscribers? Do they follow any fashion trends? Where do they shop? Which brands do they admire most? What items are on their shopping lists?

It might be difficult to conduct brand research on possible business partners because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Remember, too, that sponsorships are a two-way street. The end result is that you get compensated and/or items, while the sponsor gains exposure, positive reviews, and potential consumers with a target audience that is most likely to purchase their goods.

Make an effort to do a little research.

After you’ve figured out the types of brands and businesses that your audience finds appealing, conduct some research on a few of them. Don’t only search for well-known brands. Look for small, up-and-coming companies that create high-quality goods that your fans and subscribers would be interested in.

When conducting your brand research, look for companies that you believe would get a lot of value out of sponsoring your YouTube channel and videos. Are they a new company with aspirations to broaden their market? Are they a well-known brand with a single demographic that wishes to branch out into a new market (particularly your audience)? This information will come in handy when you’re preparing your sponsorship proposal.

What Can You Offer to Brands

When you approach any brand, they’ll want to know what marketing methods they can utilize. Will you offer video shoutouts or mentions? Is it possible that you can share product reviews for the company? Before approaching any firms, you’ll need a strategy in place, so make sure your replies are direct and to the point.

You’ll have a better chance of getting sponsorship if you can respond to the following question: “What do I get out of this?” They’ll probably ask about how many times they’d be mentioned in the video, other product reviews, and so on. – Make it simple by planning ahead of time for these kinds of inquiries.

You may want to establish multiple levels of sponsorship while you’re completing this process. In other words, if you’re going to get a free product from the brand in exchange for an unbiased review, you don’t want to guarantee them a good review unless the product lives up to its claims.

For a specific price, you might be willing to give exposure on your videos and social media profiles. For a larger payment, you may sign a contract with the company allowing you to exclusively use their items.

The possibilities are endless. The best approach to offer value is to build several sponsorship packages at various price points. Each YouTube channel sponsorship plan or level might include various or new marketing methods for the company.

Make High-Quality YouTube Sponsorship Proposals

First and foremost, do not send out a single form letter and simply update the company name. They’re well-versed in identifying form letters after getting proposals for sponsorships on a regular basis.

You’ll get taken more seriously if you write a customized sponsorship request letter for each firm you contact. In this correspondence, make sure you properly introduce yourself and provide a clear explanation of your content and how a sponsorship may help them. Tell them exactly what you’ll do for them, and provide a strategy to make their sponsorship a success for both you and them.

What should be included in a sponsorship proposal

A sponsorship proposal is a document that explains the terms, conditions and fees of when you are going to do a certain video or series. The proposal should contain at least the following items:

  • Youtube channel stats — including number of subscribers, views, likes/dislikes
  • Genre of videos
  • Length of videos
  • Category of videos
  • Expected frequency of uploads and number of sponsors per video
  • The prices for each sponsorship option (i.e. a listing of different pre-determined sponsorship options with their costs)
  • The payment options for sponsors (i.e. Paypal, Venmo)
  • Estimated start date of the sponsorship(s)
  • Duration of the sponsorship(s)

Reach out to brands and build your reputation

Once you’ve selected the organizations you’d want to approach for sponsorship and you’ve written at least the first draft(s) of your proposal(s), It’s time to get in touch with them. Go to their websites and look for “Contact Us” sections.

Take a look at their links and see whether they have a pre-existing sponsorship approach. If not, send an email to the most relevant email address on the contact page and go from there.

Sponsorship Platforms

Aside from researching and approaching individual companies, you may also use a sponsorship platform to find out more about different sponsors. For example, if you have 5,000 or more subscribers on YouTube, Famebit will assist connect you with businesses interested in collaborating with YouTubers through their sponsorship platform.

Youtube BrandConnect (Previously FameBit)

Youtube BrandConnect (Previously FameBit)

Youtube BrandConnect is a sponsorship platform that allows YouTubers to earn money from their videos, based on the number of views they receive. It’s a great tool for anyone wanting to get started with sponsorships but unfamiliar with the process.

Select YouTube channels are now using BrandConnect, a revenue-generating platform. To join YouTube BrandConnect, channels must fulfill these basic entry requirements:


Grapevine: Youtube Sponsorship Platform

GrapeVine is a platform that connects YouTube personalities with interested businesses in order to create sponsorship contracts. GrapeVine provides two categories of sponsorships: product packages in exchange for reviews, and paid sponsorships.

You may use Grapevine once you’ve reached 10,000 subscribers. You can even make an account ahead of time if you want to be prepared for when you reach your objective.

Channel Pages

Channel Pages: sponsorship platform

Another of the top three websites that serve as a link between content producers and brands is Channel Pages. It’s a similar approach to Famebit and Grapevine, but rather of YouTubers contacting companies and brands, it’s the other way around.

There is no minimum subscriber requirement, and you may sign up for free. There are two boxes near the bottom of your profile page that allow you to describe the types of collaborations and promotion offers you want. One of the advantages of Channel Pages is that they are tailored to your channel type.

How do I negotiate a better sponsorship deal?

When negotiating a better sponsorship deal, it is important to remember that you are in the driver’s seat. You are the one who has the power to control how much advertisement space the sponsor gets, and how much money they will pay for it. It is also important to remember that you are providing them with a valuable service- getting their advertisement in front of a large number of people.

When negotiating, be sure to keep in mind the following tips

  1. Stay confident– Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Remember, you are providing them with a valuable service and they need you just as much as you need them.
  2. Remain professional– Even though you are negotiating, it is important to remain professional. This means not letting your emotions get in the way and always treat the sponsor with respect even if they do not offer you what you ask for.
  3. Have an open mind– If a sponsor says no to the price you are asking, don’t take it personally and try to negotiate another deal rather than just walking away completely. Sponsors want to work with you, so they might say yes if you lower your price a bit or offer them a different sponsorship option.
  4. When in doubt-Just be patient and don’t settle for the first deal that is thrown at you from a sponsor. The more sponsors you contact, the better chance you have of finding a good deal.
  5. Ask for advice– if you are having trouble negotiating with a sponsor, ask for help from your friends or others who have experience in the industry.
  6. Marketing Analysis– do research about sponsorships and knowing what other YouTubers in your market are getting is another good way to figure out if you should lower your price.

How much will youtube sponsors pay you

A good amount to ask for is around $2-$8 per 1000 views on your videos. However, keep in mind that if you do not have the subscribers to back you up, this number can be much lower.

– If you are just starting out with your channel and do not have many subscribers yet, ask for $1-$2 per 1000 views on average. This will help you get better viewers and prove yourself as a creator so that people will be more willing to give you money when you approach them.

– If you have a pretty large subscriber base and good video quality, $2-$5 per 1000 views on your videos is a good place to start asking for money. This will usually work fairly well and help bring in sponsors that may be interested in paying you money for advertisement.

– If you are an experienced creator with a large subscriber base, you can start asking for $5+ per 1000 views on your videos. If you are doing great work and have the right subscribers to make this worth it for sponsors, they will usually be willing to give you more money in exchange for advertisement.

4 Tips for Vloggers on How to Get Sponsors for YouTube

Keep the following ideas in mind as you reach out to seek sponsors for your YouTube channel:

  1. Make it about them, not you – They’re undoubtedly aware that a YouTube sponsorship might assist your brand. Explain to them how sponsoring you may benefit their business.
  2. Don’t undervalue yourself – You’ve got a following. You produce high-quality content. You may assist a brand by increasing your fans’ exposure to them. Don’t downplay any of that.
  3. Keep on trying – It’s possible that you won’t be sponsored by your first proposal or even your fifth. Keep working at it, and building your YouTube channel. The greater your following, the more likely sponsorships will be able to discover you.
  4. Do you believe in this company? – Don’t reach out to a company you don’t believe in or dislike. Remember, if they agree to sponsor you, you must agree to assist them. You don’t want to agree to collaborate with a company that makes low-quality products or conducts unethical business practices.

Final Thoughts

With these YouTube sponsorship suggestions in mind, you’ll be a lot more successful when it comes to locating partners for your YouTube channel to collaborate with. When you do get Youtube Sponsorship to remember to be open and honest with your subscribers about it. You’ll be able to do product review videos and include your sponsor’s brand without feeling guilty or having ethical concerns.