Vlog Social Anxiety Destroyer: How to Vlog in Public

It's easier to vlog in public if you are a social person, and if it's not, is it possible to vlog in public?

The answer to that question is yes. Absolutely yes you can! The most crucial question is how you can do it?

I've made a post before this about vlogging without feeling awkward, and if you are one of them who wants to vlog in public without feeling awkward, don't forget to read it first then you can continue here.

Number One Problem that Makes Us Hard doing Vlog in Public: Social Anxiety

I'm not saying this is applied for everyone, but many of us it. Before overthinking, let's see what's social anxiety means from The Social Anxiety Institute.

Social anxiety is the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people, leading to feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, self-consciousness, embarrassment, humiliation, and depression.

Thomas A. Richards, Ph.D. 
Psychologist/Director, The Social Anxiety Institute

I don't know if you ever humiliated, depression or anything, but, the most common feelings that caused by social anxiety we get is self-consciousness.

Wait, why we're even bothered about this?

If we know what's wrong with us, what our weakness, we can overcome it. So, you must understand what makes it difficult for you to vlog in public.

If you ever received humiliation, bullying, depression, I am feeling sorry for you... It's not your fault, and yet you still must feel that.

But, know this thing, if you're not moving forward with it, you won't go anywhere! Trust me. Even if you do success, nothing good in the future if you're holding to your past.

What you can do to beat this? It's easy actually, FORGIVE!


How can I say this is easy? Because, no matter what you experienced, forgiveness is a choice. Yes, they are the wrong one, they should get the punishment. But it's not your right, it's God's right. And if you don't want to forgive them, loss on you actually. They don't feel anything, they have fun bullying people, and you're the one who's depressed. One way to do it is to forgive and let it go. Pray to God, ask for strength to forgive them.

Do this one first, and we're continuing our journey...

By the way, I'm not preaching, just telling you to let it go and move forward. Back to the topic, if you already know your weakness, let overcome it!

What to Prepare for Vlog in Public

1. Know your Camera Microphone / Phone Microphone

Do check your camera first if the mic can record well in public. Can it block the wind? How much noise generated?

If your camera mic can't hold public noise, you can use wind muff, and if it still can't help to get a good recording voice, you need to buy an external microphone. Before buying an it, check first if you're camera support external microphone.

Not all phone have an excellent built-in mic, if you're a phone user, do check it first too. Audio is essential for vlogging, so you don't want to miss the audio quality check.

2. Know your Camera Video Quality and Frame Rate

Check your camera video recording quality supported, and know what's the topic of the vlog. If it's sport's type, maybe you will need 1080p 60fps video quality. If it's just like an interview type, question & answer, it's okay to use 30fps. Then again, it's your preferences.

Personally, I will choose the best possible quality considering the budget and capability. So, it doesn't have to be perfect at first as long as the content is interesting.

No matter blogging or vlogging, there's no doubt that content is the king.

3. Always Prepare for Introduction, Question & Answer, and Closing

I already discuss this in the previous post for vlogging without feeling awkward. If you're preparing all of these things, you won't have time to feel awkward.

That's all main thing you should prepare for your public vlogging journey. Next, I want to share a couple tips for making vlog in public easier.

7 Practical Tips for Vlogging in Public

1. Just do it!

The problem with most of the people is overthinking. Just do it, action, thinking is not enough. No matter how good your concept, there's no result if you're not doing anything.

Even if it doesn't go the way it is, it's still giving you experiences to do better next time. That's why... JUST DO IT! Learn from experiences are the best ways to improve your vlog to another level.

2. Business Card!

It's simple enough about business card advantage. What do you think if a person gives you their business card? It will provide value to them because it looks like they have some credibility right?

vlog business card

Giving out your business card to a person whom you intend to feature into the vlog will make them respect and take you more seriously. Not only that, but it also gives you a secure feeling that boost your confidence.

Another excellent point from business card is they can follow your Youtube or Instagram account from it.

3. Do Vlog in a Less Crowded Place

Sometimes, the problem is not in the place, but in mind. This is the reason for doing a vlog in an area with less or no people.

Trust me, you will feel a little awkward too even if there are no people around you. After a couple times trying, the tension will diminish, and you will be more ready to challenge the public.

4. Vlog from Home

This is a more relaxed version from our point at number 3. You think you can do it from home? Try it and tell me if you're nervous, cause I know if you're reading this post, it means you have a similar problem as mine. And I bet that you also nervous a least a little! 😀

5. Do it with Your Friend

Either ask for their help to do a video with you or do a collaboration with them. It will eliminate your fear because you know there's a friend with you when you're going down, speaking about pessimism.

Do you have a group? If yes, ask them all to join your vlog! If it's become a success, you succeed together as a group, and if it fails, it will become an experience and funny thing in your group.

6. Take the initiative

People looking at you when you vlogging? Called them out! Lol. Remember our point about preparing an intro, questions, and also a closing? This is precisely the time to use it.

A little note, see their expression first before calling them out. If they look friendly, and a little curious, ask them out. If they looking at you with weird reaction, ignore it.

Don't afraid to fail when doing this. Remember that you can always cut the video moment in your video editor software. One more thing, do this if you've done a couple of vlog, so you don't lose your confidence when rejected.

7. Ignore Other People, Be Bold!

The fact is people doesn't care about what are you doing. At least most of them didn't care.

If they're interested in what you do, it's a good thing for you and for your vlog! But, why we even care about other's when they don't even care about us? Note that I'm saying this in a good way, not to mean we must ignore people feeling or anything. I just make a point that you should confidence wherever you are when doing a vlog, be bold!

Remember, people can feel your frustration from your vlog. So you must be bold when doing a vlog in public for you can deliver the best vlog quality to your subscriber or even future subscriber.

8. Watch & Learn From Other Public Vlogger Experience

What's the best learning method better than to see the people that already succeed first?

What? Didn't you say that the best way to improve is learning from experiences? Yep, and learning from success people giving you much experience than your own experience, and it's logic because they already pass through the road that you walk right now.

3 Public Vlogger that You Can Learn From

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect almost always done their vlog in public even though their not approaching people. They are an excellent example of vlogging with friends.

They're always having fun in their vlog, doing something unique and enjoyable to watch. It's good to learn from them if you're gonna bring your friends to your vlog career.

TopNotch Idiot

Their vlogs are about exposing greedy girls. This is not enjoyable for some people for sure, but I interested in their videos, especially in this video where they found a real gold which is a great woman who values feelings first.

Why they can do it almost looks too easy? It's because they understand their goal. This also the one that you need to know if you want to do great in your vlog. Found your purpose in vlogging.

Public Prank

Public Prank videos all about prank people, and their prank quite entertaining and also creative.

See their videos, and take a look at people reaction to their prank. It's refreshing, it's fun! They have so many videos that public related, you can learn so much from them.


I already discuss everything that could be done about vlog in public, and also gives a couple of vloggers that doing great on the public.

My advice is to watch many videos of them, learn from how they introduce their self, how they make a conversation, see how they end the conversation and then make your own. Remember, JUST DO IT!

Hope you have a great day and become a great public vlogger in the future!


I'm an internet marketer that always learning something new and hoping to get the best result in everything I'm doing.

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