How to Vlog without a Camera: Mission Not Impossible

Hi guys, today I've done some research about vlogging without a camera. The fact is, some of us want to be a vlogger, but don't want to use a camera.

But why? That's the first question that comes into my mind. From what I knew, vlogging is about connecting to other people, so people will know you better and that makes you more recognizable.

Now I have a couple of deduction and thinking about these type of people... And I really want to ask you this: 

why vlog without a camera

Are you shy in front of the camera? Do you want to be a vlogger, but have no camera? Or currently, have no budget for buying a camera?

Now, no worries. After I finished my research, I have found the answer to the question:

"Can I vlog without a camera?"

The answer is, YES! That's totally possible, and you can even succeed in that.

To give you some relief, I'll even give you the list of people that already do that and succeed.

Vloggers that Succeed without a Camera

Justin Bryant

Who's Justin Bryant? He's an internet entrepreneur that also does vlogging in youtube. His goal is to help people achieve their dream lifestyle by becoming an internet entrepreneur. Basically, he's helping people to become more like him. He also owns this site:

Why do I say he succeeds as a vlogger? If you see his youtube channel, all of his videos are using a static image, and he just talks along the way explaining to people how to make money online.

Justin Bryant's Subscribers (when I write this) are 203.191. Not bad huh?

Tim Ferriss

Who's Tim Ferriss? He's actually a really famous person, listed as one of the most innovative business people. He also appears on Forbes. In short, this person is like a celebrity.

To be fair, he has already famous even before the vlog trend come. But, I just want you to see that he only uses a static image on his youtube and he's just doing a podcast like usual. You know what? You can also do the same thing!

I'm not saying it's easy, but it is indeed possible as long as you know what you're talking about and it can be presented without a camera.

Tim Ferriss Subscribers (when I write this): 417.915.


Now now, I think Blitz has really nailed it when it comes to vlog without a camera. He's a gaming vlogger, playing a variety of games and really succeed from it.

He's really entertaining even without his face on the camera. People loved it! What's the proof?

Blitz Subscribers (when I write this): 2.155.967. The number proofs itself, right?

So? What are you afraid of? There's nothing that can stop you from vlogging!

The problem is:
What kind of vlog that doesn't need a camera?

I've already told you 2 topics above as examples of successful people in their respective fields, which are business and gaming.


What if you know about things other than business and gaming?

No problem, actually with some kind of technique, you can do almost all topic of vlog.

List of Vlog Types that You can do The Best without a Camera

1. Screen Recording Type

Like: gaming, design tutorial, programming tutorial, software tutorial, SEO tutorial, website information. Almost all "How to" topics that make use of software can be covered for a vlog.

Game to Vlog Example: Clone Drone in The Danger Zone

2. Presentation Type

Actually, this is similar or can be said as the same as number one. But I make it into a separate list to make it clear that the category is a little different. Presentation usually uses a slide.

Example of Slide

3. Product Reviews Type

How do we do product reviews without showing it on the camera?
To be honest, the conversion rate will be lower since you're gonna use product images that you find on youtube, but it's not impossible to do.

Product Review Vlogging Example: No Camera Needed!

If you're just a shy person that doesn't want to show your face on the camera, this is probably the best kind of vlogging for you. Since you can show the product instead of your face while giving people what they want to see.

4. Animated Videos

This type of vlog requires you to have a skill in animation concept, storytelling, and animation (no matter 2D or 3D). But, look at the bright side, you can even produce tutorial vlog about animating a video by learning animating video!

Wansee Entertainment are good example of animated vlog type

Many assets and tools could help you achieve all of this faster. I'll share them with you below.

5. Doodle Videos

Again, this type of vlog requires you to have some skills, and also creativity. Because it's not easy to put content into doodle animation. Doodle videos are excellent because it's very engaging and give lifelike feelings.

6. Mashup Videos

What's this?
Have you ever seen a video that's basically a compilation of many videos combined into one? Either parody, comedy, or making song lyrics with pieces of other videos merged into one? If yes, that's the most straightforward definition of mashup video.

For make it easier to understand, I share one mashup video that I found on youtube.​

Mashup video needs concept and creativity. What you need to pay attention to if you want to take this approach is to make sure that you're not against the copyright of those videos you'll be using.

7. Movie Reviews

You can already tell what this is just from reading the title, right? It's so easy. You can give reviews while you show people the movie trailer.

8. Movie Analysis

This is not new, I've seen this since forever on youtube, especially Marvel and DC movies. Again, it's also not hard, and it engages people. But, you must know what you're going into. It's just like you're making a community that loves having an in-depth discussion about movies. Then, if you LOVE watching movies, this is a great one for you.

Now, who don't know Avengers Marvel movie? Title for the new one is: ​End Game. This movie been analyzed over and over by many movie review vlogger. This video below will show you exactly how Movie Analysis works well for vlogging with no camera.

9. Music Videos

Just like a mashup video, you'll need to make sure about copyrights on this one. And, don't hope to get money from this one because if you're using other people's music, no matter what kind of video that you produce, how good animation you make for it, you can't get money from it ( If you're using youtube as your vlog platform ). But it's a good way to earn some subscribers.

What you can do to the music? Add lyrics, add a spectrum-like background, slide backgrounds, scenery, and even make your own animation for the music.

What I show you up here is "Wake" by Hillsong Young and Free music, and it's filled with video, lyric content by other person to make it more interesting and easier for people reading the lyrics. It's entertaining and one of the best example of music video vlog without needing you having a camera.

Please note that in this vlog, he's using video content from their youth summer camp. And without it, it's just moving background with lyrics. You can also make it that simple.​

Are all ideas above didn't help you to come up with anything? Just tell me what your topic is, and I'll try my best to help you get vlog ideas without a camera.

What's the next step? We need to know how to make sure our vlog is interesting.

How to Make Interesting Vlog ( Especially when you're not using a camera )

Actually, all of these tips can be applied differently depends on what type of vlog that you choose, but I will put it generally below:

1. Learn how to present your vlog well

First, make your content, and then talk about it over and over again, pay attention to your tone and try to make it emotionally interesting. This would be essential to any kind of that you want to make.

Learn to present your vlog

2. Learn some camera movement technique

What? Camera movement technique? I don't even want to use a camera...

Yeah yeah, I know it. But it won't hurt to learn a little about it. And why is that?

Did you know why you don't feel bored when watching a movie for hours? You've might not realize it, but it has a lot to do with camera movement and angle choice.

If you learn and know about this, you'll produce several times better content quality. Just imagine, you can use some static images and moving them to the left or right ( in camera movement technique, it's called panning ), or zooming it up little by little to give lifelike effect.

This is essential even for you who don't want to use a camera because it will amp up your resources to the optimal level.

3. Learn storytelling

There's a couple of techniques of storytelling that will draw people more into your stories or animated video. You need to know and apply some of them.

4. Learn and view types of transition

Depends on what your video is about, you need to know transition types that will fit your content best.

5. Mastering your editing software

By doing this, you will be faster in making videos, animation, video editing, image editing, giving filter, polishing, and finishing the vlog. Not only more quickly, but you can also give ambiance, effects, particles, or anything that will complete your vlog.

Vlog Software Editor

When I say mastering, I don't mean that you have to really master the software, but you need to cover all the basics and practice them so you can be more effective in anything. You can always pay people to do this, but it would help if you don't have a budget.

Well... What do you think now? Not really different than vlogging with a camera right?

It's because vlogging also needs visual aspect, except if you're following podcast people type that only uses 1 static image from the beginning to the end. I don't really recommend it, except if your content is essential and highly useful that people will stick to hear it. And even if you don't need to have technical software skills, you still need to present yourself well and engaging to people.

Hope you enjoy and get what you need from our research today. If you have any question or comment, just post it below. I'll try to help you the best I can.

We've already discovered much, what topic, and skills that are needed.

And now what?

We need to use ASSETS to makes our progress FASTER. There are lots of free resources and paid resources.

I've done a couple hours of research to find you more than 19.000.000 free assets that you can actually used for your vlog. It has videos, musics, loops, images, backgrounds, wallpapers, textures, patterns, and many more. Just click here to get all the assets, totally free and no copyright issue.


I'm an internet marketer that always learning something new and hoping to get the best result in everything I'm doing.

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