Become an Impactful Confident Vlogger: Vlog Without Feeling Awkward

Hi! How are you today? I hope you're great!

Today, I take times to think when people start vlogging. Some of them failed because of the awkward feeling they have when they do a vlog. And some of them succeeded because they didn't have that problem.

Is it true? Is it a fact? The answer is NO!

What you need to realize is that so many professional vloggers started with awkwardness. Then, how did they succeed? I've done my research, and I want to share it with you. I'm sure it will make you a confident vlogger!

First, what's the reason behind your awkward feeling?


Social anxiety? Lack of experience? Have no confidence because you've just started vlogging? Not a person who has an easy going personality? Do you feel ridiculous talking to a camera? Or you probably just don't want to look silly?

Some people ( like me too ) can already feel awkward when vlogging, even in our own bedroom. Lol! Sad but true, there are people like that ( Me included ).

Now now... If that's you, I have some points that will make vlogging less awkward. Even better, it will make you a confident vlogger! Trust me!

4 Absolute Actions to Vlogging Awkwardness Elimination

So, what are 4 things you need to do to eliminate the awkward feeling when vlogging?

1. Prepare an Intro

What did you do in the intro phase? If you're a new vlogger, you might want to do this every time you start the video, introduce your self, your passion, why you're vlogging, and also what's the topic for your current video.

Introducing your self

2. Prepare Questions

For starter, you want to make people know you better, choose starting question about yourself. For example, your hobby, what you usually do on Sunday, what you will do if you're rich, what's the worst thing you've ever done in your life, etc.

I've prepared some questions for you to jump-start your vlog, if you're interested in getting some questions to use, just click here.

3. Prepare the Closing

Develop your closing sentence and flow from your last discussion towards the closing sentence. If you're doing this, there won't be any awkward moment that always shows when the people who vlogs don't know how to end it.

Prepare closing

4. Make a Script

Making a script helps a lot. I know at first the words won't flow naturally, that's why you need a script and practice saying it many times in front of your mirror. Don't have a mirror? Just use your webcam, or talking to your computer or smartphone. It's fine too.

vlog script

One time I watched a youtube video, this person teach 3D modelling tutorial, and it's excellent! It was the best 3D modelling tutorial I've ever seen. Guess what? He said that he had already repeated the video six times to get it done!

6 Practical Tips to Become a Confident Vlogger

1. Just do it!

Nike logo is the best, and it's a powerful action sentence. There's so many reason why it's powerful! It's an actionable word and also if you REALLY DO IT, you will achieve your goal. And if it's not, it will give you great experience for your future. There' no point on planning if you're not taking an action. Remember that.

I know you think it didn't help you right? Let's take a look at other tips then you can make a connection to this sentence and know how to beat your fear.

2. Think about your vlogging purpose

If you don't have one, think about it now! Having a vision and purpose of vlogging is the best motivation to succeed and to not feel awkward.

vlog purpose

And why is that? When you know your purpose in doing something, you won't lose your way, and your awkward feeling won't stop you. Instead, you will do it till you get there.

Already get the connection? If not, feel free to read another tip and increase your confidence more. But please, if you don't have purpose and vision in vlogging, find it first. Finding your purpose is the most important thing for you to do. Remember, do not set "become rich" as a vision and make it more about giving people something. Even sharing your happiness is helping people, which lead us to the next tip.

3. Having fun!

If you're not having fun when vlogging, it will channel to the people who watch you, and who wants to watch your vlog if you do not enjoy what you do?

having fun vlogging

4. You can't run away from a silly moment

vlog silly moment

Who can run from a silly moment? Let's say you can avoid it on the first video, how about those thousands of videos that you will produce in the future. What's the odd that you can avoid all of the silly moments on those videos?

Just try to be natural; people love silly things that happen naturally. It's funny, refreshing to watch, and there's no sin in funny, silly stuff.

5. Ask for help

Ask a friend or a family member to help you with your vlog. Whatever they can do to make it less awkward and also gives you mental support.

6. Again, Just do it! And why again?

Think about this... You do feel awkward right? And what can you do to make it disappear? Easy, just do it over, and over, and over again.

Just Do It!

Sometimes you might have a blank moment, but still, please do it till the end. Remember... A long pause and a weird moment can become a funny thing. If it's not a funny thing to watch, just remove it in the video editor. You also can always retake, edit, polish, and give the video some effects, to make the awkward moment into an enjoyable moment.

So, what's your loss? Nothing! You're losing something if you're not even trying and give up to your awkward feeling.

And you know what? After you do it a couple of times, you'll start to feel less awkward, and after a couple times more, you will realize that the uncomfortable feelings have gone. CONGRATULATION! You've already become a confident vlogger!

Top Vloggers Who Did It Awkwardly at First

1. Zoella

Who doesn't know Zoella? She is one of the most famous vloggers with more than 11millions subscribers. She appears so natural and talks easily now, but why don't you check her videos when she was just starting it?

Let's take a look at it and compare her first video to the latest video.

Zoella's first time vlogging

Zoella's latest vlog

See? So much difference right? I'm sure you can also feel the awkwardness in the first video, right? But now she doesn't have an awkward feeling anymore, and why is that?

The answer is experience. She's already vlogging for 9 years since then! She can do it, so, you can do it too!

2. Tyler Oakley

I'm showing you his video not because he was terrible at first, but I want you to see that it's okay to have an awkward and blank moment. He did an excellent job cutting, and still put in his reaction when it fits in the video ( Give refreshing feeling ).

I must admit that Tyler Oakley was quite a natural, and I actually laugh at his second video called "Dark Destiny." But don't let his talent wear you down, you can always take a look and learn from how he conducts his videos instead. And again, take a look at his newest video, you can feel the change on how he is doing his vlog, how easy he talks.

Every person has their starting capability, and if you are doing it over and over, it will improve for sure. Do not afraid of your weakness, fight it and become better every day. By the way, even if I said all those things, please make sure if you really have a passion for vlogging.

3. Amazing Phil

He's also doing okay in his first video, but it's because Phil already did blogging before. I know it seems like there's no connection between vlogging and blogging, but if you're used to making structured content, it's more natural for you to create a script for vlogging. You've already known some better ways to say things.

Take a look at this video, it feels a bit weird, and it's clearly seen that he's not too comfortable talking in front of a camera.

Now, let's see his newest video. It's amazingly different!

What can you see here? Everybody has their own journey, and they enjoy it. So you should enjoy your vlogging journey too!

Not everyone will have a good start, but if you try, you may have great success. Even if you don't, you won't lose anything. Instead, you will improve your communication skill that can be applied in the real world like presenting your business plan, analytics, and literally anything.

Way to Have Zero Awkward Feeling to Vlog

The idea that I will share to you is only applied if you don't want to show your face in front of a camera, or you don't want to use or don't have a camera. It will remove all awkward feeling automatically since you know you won't need to be in front of the camera. If you are interested in this, read my post for how to vlog without a camera.


I still prefer you to gain confidence by doing all the things above than to try using the latest method. But then again, it's all up to you, and I wish you the best! Hope my post helps you through and makes you one of the most impactful vlogger in the future!

Enjoy your day! Happy vlogging!


I'm an internet marketer that always learning something new and hoping to get the best result in everything I'm doing.

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